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  • Get Me Down!

    SEPTEMBER 2012

    Get Me Down!

    While technologies have led to reduced downtime for lifts, it still pays to be prepared with a lift evacuation plan.

  • Back to Basics

    JANUARY 2020

    Back to Basics

    With the most new lift installations since 2006, 2019 was a big year for fixed grips, as our annual lift survey reveals.

  • What is ANSI B77 and Who Should be Reading this Column?

    November 2018

    What is ANSI B77?

    To help educate and share important information about the lifts portion of our industry.

  • Getting With The Program

    JULY 2017

    Getting With The Program

    All chairlift mechanics in Ontario must be certified through rigorous training and testing, and there are no exceptions. How's that working out?

  • Orphan Ski Lifts

    March 2015

    Orphan Ski Lifts

    Though a lift's manufacturer may no longer be in business, the lift still requires maintenance and support. Where do you find it?


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