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  • Building Snowmaking Teams

    SEPTEMBER 2019

    Building Snowmaking Teams

    Resorts have realized it takes a lot more than a decent wage to successfully hire and retain good snowmakers.

  • The Changing State of the Snowmaking Art

    SEPTEMBER 2008

    The Changing State of the Snowmaking Art

    Automated operations, to one extent or another, can lead to tremendous efficiency gains.

  • Speak Out: The Value of Snowmaking
    Snow brings people. And people bring their wallets. The contents of those wallets drive the economies of most ski area communities, small or large. People spend money in restaurants, hotels, and retail shops. When these establishments are busy, they often need help from local service people to keep everything running. As a result, electricians, plumbers, contractors, and the like are busy as well—all because there’s snow.
  • Can Snowmaking Compensate for Climate Change?

    MAY 2018

    Can Snowmaking Compensate for Climate Change?

    Two things make this article stand out: it’s the best analysis of the impact of climate change on winter resorts in the U.S., and it offers an expert opinion on whether resorts can take steps (i.e., snowmaking upgrades) to offset the impact of a warming climate. Robin Smith has 30-plus years of experience in snowmaking across North America, and he helped shape the EPA study that’s the basis for this article. He describes the study’s strengths and weaknesses and aligns them with his understanding of snowmaking. The result? A clear-eyed view to our possible futures, laying out the industry’s options based on the degree to which humanity reduces its carbon footprint.

  • Snowmaking Maintenance

    SEPTEMBER 2016

    Snowmaking Maintenance

    The lowest-cost means of boosting snowmaking production.


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