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  • What to Say and How to Say It

    July 2015

    What to Say and How to Say It

    If you've ever heard Skip King speak or been trained by him in crisis communication, you know one thing for certain: he knows what he's talking about. Words matter, delivery matters, timing matters—especially when dealing with sensitive situations. Everyone—not just PR and marketing staff—should read this article to gain an understanding what to say and how to say it.

  • Roughing It?

    September 2017

    Roughing It?

    The camping trend is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, Millennials and Gen-Xers make up three quarters of all campers. Mountain resorts are ready-made camping grounds, but not everyone likes little bugs and pooping in the woods. That is where "glamping" is gaining in popularity. In this article we look at several ski resorts already getting into the glamping craze with great success.

  • Mountain Spy

    March 2017

    How Do I Ski Powder?

    One of the biggest hurdles we sometimes have in this industry is getting in our own way. Skiing powder is what we aim to do as much as possible, so we can come off to the average Joe or Jane as a bit snobby when someone says they are unsure what to do in powder. This Mountain Spy challenged our community by saying “I’ve never skis in powder. What do I need to know?” and the responses were reassuring in that resorts (mostly) have the right people answering the phones at customer service. It’s also great to read how the tips varied!

  • Fearless Predictions

    January 2010

    Fearless Predictions

    In 2000, at the start of a NEW MILLENNIUM, after all, we asked industry pundits to peer 10 years into the future. Then, 10 years later, we went back and asked, “Well, were you right?” And then we pestered them to ignore the folly of it all and peer 10 years into the future again. And, well, it’s almost time to see if they were right the second time. What makes this all especially entertaining is the tapestry Moira created. She’s one of our favorite writers, and this is a good example of why that’s so.

  • Little Green Giants

    September 2008

    Little Green Giants

    It’s not easy been green as the old adage goes or was that Kermit the frog? Check out this article from September 2008 which profiles some early adapters to green energy and their impact on the environment. Your guests and bottom line will benefit.

  • Demystifying Diversity

    MAY 2008

    Demystifying Diversity

    Mountain High, located nearly the multicultural mecca of Los Angeles, nearly doubled their visitation over a ten-year period by making an effort to attract more diverse skiers and riders. This article examines their formula for reaching and retaining "non-traditional" snow sliders.


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