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Fall 1976

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Featured Story

Cross Country-- How To Make It Work

John Hitchcock takes a look at the state of the art, and finds that many areas are making it work for them.

NSAA Newsletter

Written by Conniff,Cal
An important report on the Coca Cola program...some thoughts on ski brakes and how industry should respond..and other items. 

Metropolitan X-Country Center

Written by Metivier,Don
Don Metivier describes the exciting program that has evolved in Glens Falls, N.Y>

The Vacation Skiers

Written by Niles,Bill
Bill Niles, Research Director for Ski Magazine, highlights some of the significant findings of a research project designed to analyze the vacation skie...

Why's Of Winter Weather

Written by Barnes,Gordon
One of the country's leading meteorologists, Gordon Barnes, tells us why we have been having screwy winter weather in the past few years, and predicts ...


Written by Hornbeck,James
James Hornbeck and Gordon Stuart, both of the U.S Forest Service, examine the environmental effects on streamflow of ski area trail cutting. 

Wire Rope Inspections

Written by Anderson,Howard
One of the most important subjects around, and Howard Anderson, Engineering Coordinator for Western Ski Areas insurance Program, tackles it for SAM.

Whirlpools In The Snow

Written by Pfeiffer,Luanne
SAM's Southern Californian connection, Luanne Pfeiffer, writes about the boom in whirlpool bath spasat ski areas. 

Rumbling And Sliding

Written by Editor
SAM takes a quick look at the impact of this summer profit center for ski areas. 

One Up On Nastar

Written by Kirkpatrick,Peter
A look at some of the innovative ways that some areas are using NASTAR. 

A Naked Look At The Year-Round Resort

Written by Rodgers,Raymond
Planner raymond Rodgers took a busman's holiday in August. Here, unedited and uncut, are Dr. Rodgers' witty, blunt and eminently readable comments on s...

Televising Snow

Written by Cayton,Colleen
Marketing Editor Colleen Cayton comes to grips with the difficult subject of how areas can make this medium works for them.