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Summer 1978

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How Big The Market?

Al Greenberg, Editor-in-chief of Skiing Magazine reveals some of the stratling statistics their research has turned up, and discusses some of the implications f...

Off-Season Maintenance

Written by Smith,C.E.
The second of Smitty's useful, idea-filled columns on all facets of maintenance. 

Head Trips

Written by Rand,Abby
Ski writer Abby Rand describes some of the Inner Skiing, Centered Skiing and other approaches to teaching-but from the marketing angle for the ski area...


Written by Meyers,Charlie
Ski writer Charlie Meyers follows up on the publicity scandal/crisis that hit the rockies last winter, and draws some conclusions. 

Chairlift Deropements

Written by Berger,Philip
Philip Berger presents a technical paper on the various design philosophies and the actual devices for detection of deropement. 

Snow Loads

Written by Bull,Henrik
Architect Henrik Bull, whose artices have appeared several times in SAM, says that "A collapsed day lodge could ruin your whole day". 

Profile In Profits

Written by Grace,Teddee
The first in a series of articles where we put the focus on areas, large and small, which share one common characteristic: their ability to turn a prof...