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July 1980

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THE STATE IF THE ART-Technical Editor Nils Ericksen uses seven major installations to pinpoint the state of the snowmaking art. Seven pages of all-lean editoria...

Marketing Worldwide

Written by Conklin,Pam
Marketing Editor Pam Conklin describes the efforts being made to market U.S. skiing abroad. 

Rental Shop

Written by Shaw,Jim
Columnist Jim Shaw discusses the basic rental form-its shape, content and other implications. 


Written by Conklin,Pam
Pam Conklin casts a professional marketing eye on the ski publications and other advertising media commonly considered by ski areas. 

Energy Ideas

Written by Hillgrove,Tim
Columnist Tom Hillgrove briefly tells about the "R Factor" in construction materials. 

X-Country Skiing

Written by Woodward,Bob
Our touring expert Bob Woodward describes what rental forms should be used by renters of touring equiptment. 

Ernie Blake

Written by Nelson,Janet
Executive Editor Janet Nelson captures the flavor of a fascinatingconversation with the legendarymaster of Taos. 

Forest Service Outlooks

Written by Gatty,Bob
Bob Gatty interviews Roy Feuchter, Director of Recreation Management for the Forest Service, and a key man for the ski resort industry. 

Quick, Nimble And Cheap

Written by Harwood,Brian
Brian Harwood focuses on the growing use of radio as an advertising medium for ski areas. 


Written by Editor
SAM presents its 8th Annual listing of newspapers serving the major skier markets, and their plans for ski coverage and ski supplements. 

Wire Break Investigation

Written by Vilhar,Boris
Boris Vilhar, of Borvig Corporation, reports his findings after investigating the premature appearance of broken wires in haul ropes. 

Letters On Snowmaking

Written by Ericksen,Nils
Nils Ericksen's article on the history of Snowmaking (May SAM)  elicts comment and clarification from several readers. 

Inflation And Ski Areas

Written by Povey,Dave
We adapt for SAM readers an informative talk on vital subject given by Dr. Dave Povey at the Canada West Ski Areas Convention. 


Written by Perryman,John
Expert ski area witness, John Perryman, discusses the implications of premated rental systems-and what you should do to cover yourself.