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September 1980

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Featured Story

(A)Mazing Psychology Of Liftlines

Writer Pam Conklin and artist Bob Ritter collaborate to present the fascinating people handling theories of Arapahoe's John Reveal.

Washington Report

Written by Gatty,Bob
Our Washington reporter, Bob Gatty gives us the good news of the trend away from government regulation. 

Ski School

Written by Cobb,Michael
We introduce a new column on all aspects of ski school management which will be written by Michael D. Cobb. He's full of ideas!

X-Country Skiing

Written by Woodward,Bob
Columnist Bob Woodward tells about the programs offered by the equiptment suppliers. 


Written by Conklin,Pam
Pam Conklin gives a timely rundown on various elements of your promotional programs. 

Paul Mccollister

Written by Nelson,Janet
Janet Nelson talks to Jackson Hole's dynamic chairman to get his thoughts on the future growth of the skier market. 

Pumping From Mountain Streams

Written by Tropeano,Joe
Veteran snowmaker, Joe Tropeano, of larchmont Engineering, gives some practical advice on how to protect your expensive pumps from the ravages of silt....

The Guilt Of Energy Consumption

Written by Rudin,Andy
Energy Consultant Andy Rudin talks some uncommon common sense on a frequently misunderstood subject. 

Black Mountain,Nh

Written by Gatlin,Dana
Another in our series of profiles in Profits. Skiwriter Dana Gatlin focuses on the rewards of Yankee shrewdness. 

Monster Dual Quad

Written by Holiber,Joel
In our continuing series on state-of-the-art lift technology, Joel C. Holiber describes the liftline-gobbling Borvig installation at Swain, N.Y. 

Respect Your Wire Ropes

Written by Savage,Phil
Phil Savage cautions us about the costly damage that can be visited on your new wire rope through careless, unknowledgeable handling. 

Skills Needed For Area Management

Written by Christie-Mill,Robert
Dr. Robert Christie-Mill of Michigan State University reports on a study made to determine what our industry perceives as the essential skills needed t...

Rental Shop

Written by Shaw,Jim
Columnist Jim Shaw writes about your storage requirements in terms of racks, shelves and dowels. 

Snowmaking Follow-Up

Written by Editor
Our 7-page feature in July on snowmaking elictied clarifications and amplifications.