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January 1983

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Lift Accidents

Loading and unloading are the most dangerous moments on a ski lift. Jan Kunczynski statistically analyzes accident statistics and focuses attention on design fo...

Pickets Protest Taos Pollution

Written by Nelson,Janet
Do they oppose growth, or is it really the sewage treatment plant? The problem plagues Taos Ski Valley. 
This article is currently not available online. Please email for a pdf copy of the article
This article is currently not available online. Please email for a pdf copy of the article

Ski Buisiness Week Report

Written by Cohen,Steve
Change was the theme, but the topic had a familiar refrain: the Nielsen Report on skier growth. By Steve Cohen. 

Colorado Economic Impact

Written by Editor
New research demonstrates the gigantic impact of winter tourism on the state's economy. An important study. 

1981/82 Economic Study

Written by Farwell,Ted
The good news was better cost control; the bad news was utilization rates. A critical look at the year by Ted Farwell. 

Hydraulic Drives-- How They Function

Written by Fitzsimmons,Mike
Getting more out of hydrostatic transmissions begins with knowing how they work. An authoritative eplanation by Mike Fitzsimmons. 

In X-C Biggest May Be Best

Written by Wiesel,Jonathan
Royal Gorge may look like a cross country area, but it is run like an alpine resort. A fascinating Profile in Profit by Jonathan Wiesel. 

A Letter From France

Written by Diller,John
keeping a sharp eye out for new ideas, John Diller brought some innovations from France back to Sugarloaf. 
This article is currently not available online. Please email for a pdf copy of the article

Selling America

Written by Nelson,Janet
The SKI USA program is a long-term marketing commitment in Great Britain with the pay-off in future years according to Janet Nelson. 

Lifts 1982

Written by Editor
It was a very good year for added capacity-longer lifts, new areas and more seating-although the numbers may seem small at first glance. 

NSAA Bod Meets European High Tech

Written by Dillmann,Kathe
They did find some facts and they got a glimpse of how it's done across the ocean. The trip was fun, too. By Kathe Dillmann. 
Even the lowly cheeseburger can be cost-accounted and the benefits are more profits in food. By James E. AUSTIN