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January 1985

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Bigger, More Efficient Lifts

A photographic sampling of some of the interesting new lifts, from T-bar to the world's biggest gondola.

Industry Conference

Written by Rowan,David
Ski magazine Week report

Brand Presentation

Written by Brand,Milton
Milton Brand on his study
A political action committee that produces results. 
Indictment cites 110 counts against ski area principals. 
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The Word Is Communicate

Written by Robbins,Paul
In a provocative interview with Paul Robbins, Killington's Smith maintains that ski industry problems could be lessened through understanding. 
This great mountain once had skiing; now two potential developers are in a head-to-head conflict over who can bring it back. Chaco Mohler gives an in-d...

Lifts 1984

Written by Editor
Generally a good year for lift construction, but there remain a few pockets of slower growth. 
Who said it can't be done? At Wintergreen, four men put up a lift in seven working days. A fascinating day-by-day chronology of the construction. 

The 1983-84 Economic Study

Written by Goeldner,C.R.
SAM"s annual report on the state of the ski industry has two new authors: C. R. Goeldner and Thor Groswold. For most of the country they say, last year...

A No-Fault Accident Locating System

Written by Shepard,Robert Jr.
This brand new way of pin-pointing ski accidents on the slopes almost eliminates one of the nagging variables in making reports. By Robert G. Shepard J...

Wind-- A Judgement Call?

Written by Cuyler,Lew
How much wind is too much? Lew Cuyler asked ski area authorities and found that standards and measurement procedures are limired and highly variable. ...