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September 1985

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Thinking About Bases

Too often the facilities at the bottom of a mountain just grow. There needs to be planning for skiers' coming and going say Terry R. Barnhart and Dave Leahy.&nb...

Stratton Slashes Lift Prices

Written by Nelson,Janet
The $12 ticket is standard in early December. 


Written by Collins,Mike
Critical Paths To Profit
Potentially one of the country's largest winter recreation centers. 


Written by Camp,Phillip Cabot
Small Area Market Research
This article is currently not available online. Please email for a pdf copy of the article

Adam's Choice-- Naming Trails

Written by Millward,Celia
Scholars take a look at styles and patterns in names. 


Written by Mullen,John
Two Faces Of Motivation
To compress thin snow cover early in the season may take more than technique according to Jim Buckingham. 


Written by Stockwell,Sherwood
Sometimes the old design ideas were better...especially in creating human-oriented base buildings. By Sherwood Stockwell, FAIA.
Vail's huge expansion program was the result of extensive study writes Bob Parker. The steps involved are useful for expansion of any size. 
An assortment of new equiptment and up-dating of standards is described and charted by SAM's Technical Editor Nils Ericksen. 

Controlled Blasting

Written by Cuyler,Lew
Dynamite is dangerous-especially around ski lifts and buildings. Lew Cuyler describes how blasting is done at Stratton. 

Cultivating Corporate Culture

Written by Bernhard,Cathey
A case history of how Breckenridge and Aspen involved employees in creating guest happiness. By Cathey L. Bermhard. 

Skier Safety Bullet Biting

Written by Cuyler,Lew
How ski areas are successfully using safety programs is described in Part II of an update on skier safety by Lew Cuyler. 
SAM asked him questions about the ski industry. 

Rangers Patrol Camelback

Written by Nelson,Janet
How they have reduced accidents with an identifiable patrol group.