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July 1986

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NSAA Convention Highlights

The sideshows, the news and the meetings.
Advice on controlling risk. 
The Task Forces of Nashvillle.
Computerizing the ski School. 

Mission To China

Written by Parker,Robert
The People-to-People ski industry to China had moments of adventure as well as the satisfaction of a job well done. 

Sell With A Celebration

Written by Fry,John
Anniversaries, birthdays and other high points can be used as  powerful marketing tools. Here is some advice on how to make the most of a celebration ...

Publicizing Milestones

Written by Blumenfeld,Jeff
Getting media coverage for a celebration doesn't just happen. It takes planning and forethought. 

Utah's Four Marketeers

Written by Robbins,Paul
Deer valley, Park Citiy, Snowbird and Sundance are battling for supremacy with the gang on the other side of the Rockies as well as all the rest of the...

The Interconnect Impact

Written by Nelson,Janet
Even with a "worst scenario," the marketing gains from linking the five Watatch ski areas are projected to be huge.

Ski Publication Look-Alikes

Written by Auran,John Henry
reader surveys show that Ski, Skiing and Ski America are remarkably alike. How does this affect ski area buys?

Fall 1986 Media Roundup

Written by Rowan,Jennifer
A newspaper and magazine survey of what's coming in ski coverage and ski/travel sections.
Surveying errors increase costs for ski areas and waste valuable design time for manufacturers, Errors can be prevented. 

Remote Control Log Winching

Written by Twigg-Smith,Thurston
Removing logs through wooded sections of a mountain can be done quickly and without damage to remaining trees.