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May 1986

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Detachable Quads-- Assessment At Vail

A technical review and appraisal of the new equiptment, plus the public's evaluation.
This article is currently not available online. Please email for a pdf copy of the article

Capturing Runaway Heat

Written by Zepp,Herbert
Snowmaking heat is not wasted at Loon Mountain, but is used to warm buildings. 

Oversnow Vehicles 1986

Written by Ericksen,Nils
A review of what's new, plus a valuable chart of characteristics. 

A's And D's For College Courses

Written by Hewett,Jacqueline
Graduates strike back in evaluating ski area college courses.
Thermosplastics must go. 

X-Country Connection-- Skating

Written by Frado,John
Is skating a Four-Letter Word?

On-Line-- Up-Date On Pc's

Written by Kagi,Felix
Up-date on PC's
Classified ad produces unusual press coverage. 
The Care and Management of Volunteers

The Season 1985-86

Written by Cuyler,Lewis
Good in East. Woes out West
Bullwheel and Rope Safety Factors
Colorado and Utah face the glut. 
Colorado and Utah face the glut
Help is there for unprepared skiers. 
Right brain/Left Brain Teaching

A Changing Market

Written by Russell,Cheryl
A demographer (who also skis) looks at the oportunities and pitfalls in the coming decade. A valuable outside opinion about skiing future. 

Tracking The Wind

Written by Johnson,Wayne
An unusual computer application allows the tram operators at Jackson Hole to onitor the weather at each tower for safer operation. 

A Rescue System That Works

Written by Mckown,Douglas
Rescue workers at Sunshine Village combined a variety of devices to create their own system. 

Putting Samis On-Line

Written by Houlihan,Richard
Business operations and decisions are easier and more accurate when a Ski Area Information System is available. Part II. 
Architectural ideas from the mountains of Europe got messed up when applied at American ski resorts.