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September 1986

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Sam's 25th Anniversary Issue

Looking ahead to a great future for the ski industry.
This article is currently not available online. Please email for a pdf copy of the article
This article is currently not available online. Please email for a pdf copy of the article

Verbal And Non-Verbal Skills

Written by Andrea,Ron
Employees can learn how to deal with unsafe skiers. 

The Man Who Managed The Single

Written by Widschwenter,Rebecca
The legendary Charlie Lord was there when the chair went in at stowe. 

Aspen's Hotel Jerome Is Restored

Written by Nelson,Janet
A landmark is back in business. 
Thousands of skiers are learning on moving carpeted surfaces.

Stowe Pig Farm Still A Mess

Written by Robbins,Paul
A town problem grew from a motel development.

A Sam Scrapbook

Written by Editor
Highlights and significant events in the ski industry as reported over the past 25 years of publishing. 

Skier-President-- Gerald R. Ford

Written by Rowan,David
One of the nation's most prominent skiers discusses the influence of skiing on his life. By David Rowan. 
Knowing demographic trends will enable ski areas to direct marketing to appropriate groups. 
Through a neat step-by-step process, skiers can't fail to learn how to turn the things. 
Increasing the number of skiers can no longer be seat-of-the-pants; sophisticated marketing techniques are needed. 
In 25 years, the Standard will still be recognizable, but slowly and inevitably, changes will come. 
Joe Cushing foresees wider, smoother terrain, but skiers will still be unhappy about ice.
Fads and styles will still create extremes, but the influence of people will be more apparent. 
The Cinderella in our midst might be the sport Alpine has so often regarded as a step-sister.
Better systems, but fewer suppliers will make renting a simple three-step process.
Dr. James Hansen explains how changes in weather patterns will ultimately affect skiing. 
Robert S. McNamera explains why he wants people to enjoy the back country as much as he does. 

From The Mountain-- Vision Of A Visionary

Written by Schoenknecht,Walt
The man who set the course of ski area building predicts the best of all worlds-skiing. 

Sam Editors, Past & Present, Speak Out

Written by Fry,Tanler,Spring,Garlick
An opinionated lot, they confess, reveal suggest and forecast.