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January 1987

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1985-86 Economic Analysis

The results looked good, but the bottom line reinforced a downward trend.

XC Design Symposium

Written by Frado,John
XC design symposium is progressive and upbeat. 

George Gillett Speaks His Mind

Written by Gillett,George
George Gillett speaks his mine. 
Applying psychology to accidents. 
Setting the "Perfect" Track. 

The New Tax Law-- Material Participation

Written by Houlihan,Richard
A timely examination of some of the worst consequences of the new law-before the final regulations are on paper. 

Grand Scale Redevelopment

Written by Kane,Bill
How can $10 million worth of goodies be squeezed into a space smaller than a city block? They are doing it at Aspen. 

Contrarian Development Approach

Written by Moore,Sally
At Shawnee, real estate came first, but the mountain and skiing proved to be a profit center on its own. 

Catering To Kids

Written by Campbell,Stu
There's money to be made in ski schools for children, but it's not like adult ski schools. The operation is tricky and subtle. 

Converting Dinosaurs

Written by Curiston,Rick
This article is currently not available online. Please email for a pdf copy of the article

Lifts 1986-- More Power

Written by Editor
More and more power. 
Lifts have unique problems in places where the snow drifts to 100 feet or more. Lift Engineering solved this one.

Capturing Linear Functions

Written by Gatlin,Dana
Skiers move through the Wachusett base lodge following their needs. It works-almost too well.