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September 1987

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Junior Ski Patrol-- Partners In Safety

As an inexpensive program that involves young people in skiing, junior ski patrols deserve a second look.

Where's The Help?

Written by Editor
A nationwide sampling by SAM staff shows several regions with labor shortage woes. We're not alone. 

Ski Russia And Beyond

Written by Borgenson,Mel
Ski Russia And Beyond

Where The Lifts Are Being Built

Written by Rowan,David
Where The Lifts Are being Built. 
Oitaf Congreee: Innovation and Conquest

A Win-Win Solution

Written by Thompson,Michael
A Win-Win Solution.

A Cooperative Miracle

Written by O'Dell Thompson,Kathy
A Cooperative Miracle

Michigan Maverick

Written by Fry,John
Bill Riskey has some strong things to say about political and organizational matters within the ski industry. 
An unmanned computer tends the snowmaking guns on trails at Bromont. So far, it's done a good job. 
Maybe we've been doing it backwards. Why not wait until it snows and then publish a rate schedule?
Long used as a lossleader, nordic center operators are beginning to take another look at trail fees. 

Applying Peer Pressure

Written by Marozzi,Kathy
To get teenagers thinking safety, Camelback put them on the Ranger Patrol. 

The Economics Of Snowmaking

Written by Farwell,Ted
Break-even modeling is a sound method for evaluating the variables of snowmaking before investing money. From the Snowmaking Workshops

A Philosophy Of Food

Written by Nelson,Janet
Food can be a profit center, but more than ever before customers are demanding quality. Waterville Valley has made such a commitment. 

Chefs Meet At Taos

Written by Corcoran,Daphne
An entrant reports on this annual race and its impact on ski cuisine. 

Designing A Cliff Hanger

Written by Gmuender,Joe
The site for the lift seemed almost impossible, but Doppelmayr engineers came up with a solution that worked with the landscape. 

The Power Of Positive Persuaders

Written by Spring,James
Market segmentation should be more than simple demographics. The motivators for going skiing need to be part of the promotion process.