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January 1988

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Lifts 1987-- The East Pours It On

The surge in lift building set a record or two and missed several by a whisker or two. Overall, it was another great year.

On-Line-- Desktop Publishing

Written by Dickson,Jeff
Desktop Publishing
Skiable Ski Equipment?

Mature Industry-- Marketing Redesign

Written by Friedland,Lois
Ski equiptment manufacturers at Ski Magazine Week conferences urged to "recognize the new world" they're in. 
Skiers in a Wisconsin community wanted trails for skiing. The largest local landowner-the county-was happy to accommodate in creating a homegrown facil...

X-Country Connection-- Warming Huts

Written by Wiesel,,Jonathan
Trailside Warming Huts
Food Preparation Pitfalls

Up And Over

Written by Leonard,Jan
At Stevens Pass they regarded the project as just another lift; to the CTEC engineers it was one heck of a place to put a lift and an installation chal...
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A Three-For-One-Split

Written by Sowder,Tony
One double lift became two triples and a double plus a new beginner's area at Willamette Pass, resulting in a Riblet success story. 

The Greening Of The Trail

Written by Rowan,David
Even the most recalcitrant soil responds to microbial biomass that turns brown to green in a matter of weeks. A new way to revegetate slopes. 

Snow Gun Performance Testing

Written by Ratnik,Ronald
Continuing the Snowmaking Workshop series, this method of testing guns can help in buying and working decisions. 
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Roles For Chart Recorders

Written by Carrick,Jonathan
Lift performance can be monitored and documented more efficiently and accurately using these well-tried instruments. 

Making Tillers For Touring

Written by Curiston,Rick
At Mt. Washington, B.C. they converted and adapted to make the best-ever cross country track setters. 
The similarities are so striking that one feels at home at resorts on the other side of the globe-untill you notice the differences. 

Night Crew Burn-Out

Written by Carter,Christopher
The stresses of night work can be extreme; when combined with weather hazzards, the results can be very damaging.