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November 1988

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Directory Of Products

Directory of Prodcuts, services and suppliers
Areas are put on notice that NSP coverage does not cover patrollers when under ski areas direction. 
Killer-food breakfasts

The Burning Of A Business

Written by Walter,Claire
Restoring records, oder and property after a fire held surprises and lessons for Smugglers' Notch. 
Aspen is not a conventioanl resort nor is Bob Maynard a conventional manager. The combination may porve to be a perfect match. 

Employment Crisis

Written by Kerr,Mary K.
Ski areas are approaching this critical problem in different ways. Here are some ideas that seem to work. 

Consistency Counts At Camelback

Written by Conklin,Pam
Camelback looks back on a management policy that prevailed through all conditions. Bottom line: it pleased cutomers and made money. A Profile in Profit...
Computerized ticketing is coming to the ski industry. It promises to change more than just the way tickets are sold. 

Catching The Snowboard Wave

Written by Friedland,Lois
They're skiers with a difference. Area managements must consider the pros and cons of inviting snowboard skiers to their slopes. 

Two Surface Lifts Unlock Summer Magic

Written by Carmichael,Laird
Blackcomb's new glacier lifts have caterd to a booming summer business including a flood of ski camps. 

Blackcomb's Glacier Lifts

Written by Sparks,Warren
The technical aspects of the new doppelmayr T-bars. 

Blankets And Wildflowers

Written by Niemier,Jim
A country club put flowers on a steep slope with the help of erosion blankets. 
Prodcuts and services catergory listing. 
Supplier names, addresses and key contacts. 

The Great Ranking Adventure

Written by Rowan,David
Ski Magazine set about rating 100 North American ski resorts. The results contained some shockers; so did the methodology. 
Skiers-Where are they?

Legal Scene-- On-Site Witness Form

Written by Davies,Russel
On-site witness form 

Safety Statute Comes To New York

Written by Goldfarb,Ken
More work for ski areas, but possibly a better deal in court. 
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Reciprocal Tickets Spread

Written by Robbins,Paul
More unrelated areas share lift revenues.