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May 1989

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Wall Street Perspective

How the investment community might view the ski industry is explored by a Money magazine writer.
Unexpected priorities are on the mind of the man most likely to lead. 

The Bear Comes On With A Roar

Written by Sims, Burt
A bumpy start for S-K-I, Ltd. in southern California, but optimism reigns. 

A Room Of Their Own

Written by Richardson, Gordon
A domino effect at Greek Peak produces ideal quarters for the ski school department. 

Grooming Vehicles 1989

Written by Ericksen, Nils
new equiptment and changes in the old for the coming season. 

Exploring Evacuation Equipment/Procedure

Written by Mcknown, Douglas
Better mousetraps are being built for lift evacuations. 

Marrs Meets The New Generation Of Lifts

Written by Osberger, Madeleine
THe guest is passive in this lift rescue method. 

The Double Loop Monocable

Written by Janoff, Paul
A gigantic gondola is the star of the new Doppelmary system. 
Examining the inner workings of snow formation can result in money-saving snowmaking. 

The Difference Skiers Make

Written by Rowan, David
How the ski industry changes the economoic and social life of their countries. 

Using Cad To Locate Lifts

Written by Nordstrom, Tad
Computers can find the best sites for lift terminals swiftly and accuratley. 

Loon's Quest For ExpANSIon

Written by Rowan, David
The Joint Review Process was the star performer in keeping things moving. 
At Ski ROundtop, they are prepared for the unusual, but serious, accident.