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March 1990

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The Russians Were Here

Killington hosted a group of Russian students in an effort to bring skiing into the international peace process.
Snow fractures can occur from the combination of underlying snow on steep slopes and the machine-made product on top. 

The Guns Of Denderite

Written by Rowan, David
At last it can be told: What was the dendrite doing all those years, what came out of the secret research and where will it go from here?

Outwitting Lines And Labor

Written by Johnson, Bill
With the base lodge reconstruction at Mt. Snow, the inadequate food service was converted into a fast and profitable operation. 
Each year different concerned groups get into the approval process. Here are ways to handle changing situations. 

The Indoor Sport Of Skiing

Written by Rowan, David
In England and Japan, new technologies are being used to make it possible to ski on real snow all year round. 

Lights Up/Costs Down

Written by Davies, Russ
Hidden Valley proves that less light may be more in terms of energy and cost savings. A night-light case history. 

Water Worries In Vermont

Written by Dillon, John
Ancient legal doctrines are affecting modern needs for snowmaking's essential ingredient and ski areas are attempting to cope. 

Camaraderie Comes With Safety

Written by Farny, Betsy
At vail, they instituted a four-pronged safety program to bring back past attitudes and feelings about skiing.

Industry Marketing

Written by Rowan, David
A review and a preview

Snowmaking Is 40 Years Old

Written by Hunt, Art
We know how important snowmaking is. In the beginning, it seemed to be a modest, but promising idea at best.