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September 1996

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More Than A Mountaintop

At Squaw Valley USA in California's Sierra Mountains, High Camp offers a multitude of non-ski activities on top of the mountain; a recreation center for all sea...
Modern terminal designs with shorter tension carriages require low-stretch ropes that place limitations on conventional repair methods. Wire-butt weldi...
An interview with Bill Marolt, new president and CEO of U.S. Skiing.
Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is possible to own and operate a modest ski area and make a profit commensurate with the risk. The author examines ...
Conducting and analyzing the results of predictive testing, motor-condition testing and monitoring performance can significantly extend the life and re...

The Legend Of Paul Testwuide

Written by Trish Kiesewetter
A profile of Paul Testwuide, VP of operations at Vail, Colo., shows that his outrageous behavior and dedication to whatever job he does has garnered re...

Gathering Stats Worldwide

Written by Alain J. Lazard
Carrying out a worldwide census of skiing presented some problems, but the author persevered to gather approximate statistics on number of resorts, lif...
The Mountain International Opinion Survey conducted in Europe was identical to the National Skier/Boarder Opinion Survey conducted in the U.S. The simi...
An overview of interesting construction projects indicates that the industry is in a boom, spurred by the expansion plans of the big conglomerates.

What's New

Written by Olivia
New products on the market include: all-beef hot dogs (Big City Reds), luges (Hansen Sled), fencing (Centaur HTP), the Health EnviroMonitor (Davis Inst...

Valbois Venture Fizzles

Written by Stephen Stuebner
Examination of the reasons behind the Chapter 7 of Valbois, the planned $120 million, four-season Idaho resort.

A Dream Job At Sno-E

Written by Mac Harman
An undergraduate describes his summer internship at Sno-engineering, and suggests that internships benefit ski industry employers and interns equally.

When Interns Came To Camelback

Written by Gina Bertucci, Bradford Seid
The co-writers, from Pennsylvania's Camelback Ski Area and East Stroudsburg University, describe how their internship program works to the benefit of b...

Property Management Productivity

Written by Patrick Mccurdy
A new property management reservation software package, First Resort, allows Whistler Chalets in British Columbia to manage two lodges and a wide range...

Charleston Inspires Action

Written by Linda Goodspeed
In surprising numbers and ways, NSAA members around the country return to their areas to practice what they were preached at the "Future of the Industr...

Freaks Of Nature

Written by Greg Berry
An examination of the project Dan Nathanson of Warner Records developed with marketing entrepreneur Jack Turner to take advantage of an apparent link b...

Why Not Public Radio?

Written by Heidi Schultz
Though public radio operates under certain advertising restrictions, a strong correlation between the demographic profile of skiers and public radio li...

The Industry Focus-- Kids

Written by David Rowan
In the aftermath of NSAA's "Future of the Industry" Summit, a movement has begun that will focus marketing efforts on the 10-24 year old age bracket. T...
Why music is the way for the ski industry to reach today's young people.

A Focus On The Young

Written by Sam Editorial
SAM applauds the decision of industry leaders to market to the 10 to 24 age group for continued growth.

Forest Service Should Know Better

Written by Sam Editorial
SAM calls for strong industry response following Forest Service reversal of an approval granted to Santa Fe Ski Area for expansion.

Women's Needs, Women's Voices

Written by Claudia Carbone
The newly-formed Snow Sports Association for Women (SSAW) addresses industry lack of sensitivity to the female demographic.

Why Wintersport Business?

Written by Bill Tanler
Longtime industry insider Tanler explains his reasons for launching a new trade magazine, Wintersport Business, based on confidence in the future of th...
Details of SAM staff changes: on a personal note, Jennifer Rowan, the advertising manager (and publisher's daughter) gets married. On a professional no...