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July 2001

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A commentary on how our industry has failed to develop useable numbers for snowboarders, skiers and cross-country skiers. More precise numbers are need...
Roger argues that some smart marketing should be aimed at the variety of people who come to resorts to tube, to show them skiing and snowboarding are n...
This editorial suggests the NSAA and CCSAA join forces to explore common bonds, promotions, packages to cross over and try the other sport, look at new...

A Piece of the Corporate Pie

Written by Matthew Kreitman
Some ski areas are successful at tapping into the corporate sponsorship and incentive market. It works for meetings, team building exercises, conferenc...

Logging by Air

Written by Jim Buckingham
Logging by way of helicopters avoids fragile ground when there's not enough snowcover. A description of how Marmot Basin, Alberta, did it is a good pri...

Places and Faces

Written by staff
The annual story in pictures of scenes from trade shows from Sept. 2000 through May 2001.

Where No (Wo)man Has Gone Before

Written by Robert Frohlich
A look at how women are making inroads in what was once a male-domunated industry, especially in marketing departments. The examples are all from Calif...

Little Big Mountain

Written by Steve Rice
Intrawest, with a 50 percent stake in Blue Mountain, Ont., sees the resort as having very promising growth potential. This article describes the resort...

Adopting Adaptive

Written by Ron Rudolph
The article describes the adaptive programs around the country and how there are lots of reasons for offering such programs to physically-challenged pe...

Five Easy Ways to Go Green

Written by Auden Schendler
The article describes simple conservation measures taken by Aspen Skiing Company that resulted in a savings of money and resources in both the long and...

It Really Does Take a Village

Written by Tony Lolli
This story about the local effort to save Burke Mountain, Vt., shows how Yankee practicality and community spirit helped keep the tiny mountain open wh...

New Life for Old Lifts

Written by Troy Miller
This piece describes how a new AC variable-frequency drive can result in smoother operation, less maintenance and a savings when installed on some old ...

Doing the Right Thing Pays Off

Written by Gretchen Anderson
An oil spill at Bogus Basin, Idaho, spuured the management team into action, taking direct steps, notifying the authorities and working with experts to...

Idea Files

Written by Sam Geise
Hand dryers in the hallway of the lodge at Brighton, Utah; Measuring Chair swing with a home made device by Ross Stevens of Stevens Engineering, N.H.; ...

Blue Pages

Written by staff
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Olympic World (a roundup of bits surrounding the upcoming Games); The Boston Red Sox Connection (Les Otten and hsi bid for th...

The End Page

Written by Michael Jaquet
The How-Hip Quiz continued from the front cover so ski area managers and others can measure their hip quotient, if they dare.

2001 Metro Newspaper Directory

Written by Sharon Walsh
This is a roundup of special ski and snowboard sections and winter travel promotions in the major markets in North America.

Marketing to the Melting Pot

Written by Linda Goodspeed
Census figures point to a growth in minority segments and the article explores the pros and cons of reaching out specifically to certain minority popul...