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January 2006

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Lifts 2005-Nothing to Brag About

In terms of numbers, the lifts built in 2005 hit an all-time low. But the news is not all bad.

What's Your Area Worth?

Written by Ted Farwell
If you're planning on selling or tackling a major upgrade, here's a formula to determine the value of your resort.

Playing Second Chair

Written by Cliff Meader
With the cost of new lifts on the rise, many areas are turning to the second-hand market with a great deal of success.

All Hail the Bullwheels of Summer

Written by Mitchell Scott
Mountain bike parks for summer guests boil down to the freestyle terrain your winter guests love. It's all about creativity and doing it right.

Bouncing Into Summer

Written by Rick Kahl
Gravity sports are all the rage and a great way for mountain resorts to cater to the summer guest.

Fun and Games

Written by A Staff Report
Take a look at some of the trends in entertainment straight from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions show.

Building a Great Shop

Written by Gary Pavlick
A well-thought-out maintenance shop can save a lot of time and money and keep maintenance personnel productive.
Terrain Parks, Guest Editor, Rental Winners, SAMMYs.

Speak-Out :: January 2006

Written by Burt Mills, Billy Kidd, Robert Moreno
Burt Mills, General Manager and COO of Moonlight Basin, courts new skiers with "Free Skiing for Those Who Earn It." Olympic medalist Billy Kidd suggest...
Peak Resorts Moves East Again... Burke Sold to Ginn... Gondola to Connect Whistler and Blackcomb... Laurel Remains Closed... Cypress Sold... Windham So...

Emerging Markets

Written by Seth Masia
Slats is back and he's analyzing the disappearance of the ski bum.

A Great Start

Written by Linda Goodspeed
This year’s season got off to a record-breaking start for many and a nice rebound for others.

Ride Guide

Written by Katie Bailey
The industry take its first stab at putting freestyle to paper.

Rethink Sled Culture

Written by Rick Kahl
Incidents betweens skiers and snowmobiles are rare but serious. Do your practices reflect the latest thinking on sled use and safety?

Get 'em While They're Young

Written by Scott Andrews
Maine-based WinterKids infiltrates the school system to promote outdoor education and winter sports.

Halting the Brain Drain

Written by Staff
A discussion thread at explores why it's so difficult to attract and retain mechanics.

New Frontiers

Written by A Staff Report
In October, ski area operators from Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Korea and North America discussed the future.
Reviewing the Environmental Scorecard... $1 Millon for a Week in Aspen?... Evolution in the Park... Beer Money... Advertising on Forest Service Land......