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May 2006

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Catch the Virus

Word-of-mouth marketing can be a resort's best friend or worst enemy. With the Internet, there are ways to create your own good word.

Third Year Was the Charm

Written by Andy Daly
This year's Economic Analysis shows that many ski areas are learning how to improve their bottom line.

Rethinking the Resort Model

Written by Michel Beaudry
This author tells us why he thinks winter resorts should find a niche or go back to nature.
A look at what is on the plate for the coming construction season.

Diversifying Pats

Written by Moira McCarthy
Pats Peak started many years ago with an annual Diversity Day. Now, diversity is an everyday affair.

Speak Out :: May 2006

Written by Chris Diamond, Larry Daniels, Jasper Shealy, Steve Bauer, Staff
"Move the SIA Show to Denver" by Chris Diamond. "On Liability for NSP Members" by Larry Daniels. "ASTM Standards Are the Solution, Not the Problem" by ...
Intrawest Sells Real Estate at Mammoth... New Statutes for Utah and West Virginia... Silverton Opens for Unguided Skiing... Steamboat Auctions Summit P...

A Mixed Bag

Written by Linda Goodspeed
In case we forgot, weather is king and will make the difference between good and great seasons.

Mountain Spy :: May 2006

Written by Liz Eren
SAM goes undercover.

Who Needs Sleds?

Written by Dave Riley
In 1994, HoliMont Ski Club, N.Y., banned all vehicles from the hill during public operating hours to avoid collissions. But the benefits go far beyond ...

Shift the Risk

Written by John E. Fagan and Adam Strachan
If you're planning on holding special events this summer or next season, here's what you need to know.
Camelback's mystery shopper program has helped take its customer focus to a new level.

Compost Happens

Written by Rick Kahl
Keystone composts the vegetable waste at its high-end restaurants as part of an overall effort to shrink its trash flow.

Blue Pages :: May 2006

Written by Staff
Liability Waivers Grow in Colorado... Mammoth Shaken by Patroller Deaths... Mountains of Travel... Why a New Prez and COO at Intrawest?... Of Ski Domes...

The Best/Worst Ads of 2005/2006

Written by David O. Williams and Katie Bailey
An annual look at the good, the bad and the ugly in ski resort advertising.

Going Underground

Written by Jim Buckingham
If new snowmaking pipe is on the agenda this summer, forget those trenches-directional drilling may be the better solution.