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May 2007

The Best and Worst of Print Ads 2006-2007

Written by David O. Williams and Katie Bailey
Our annual look at what worked and what flopped in print advertising for ski resorts this past year.

The Best and Worst Websites of 2006-2007

Written by Tom Winter and Katie Ford
We've expanded our best and worst section to include websites. Except here, we use an insider's and an outsider's take.

Software Update

Written by Peter Blais
When it comes to integrating all the departments at your resort, there are many options. Here's a look.

Alice in Winterland

Written by Jeff Harbaugh
An in-depth look at the NSAA Economic Analysis for the 2005-2006 season. Sometimes the numbers don't tell the whole story.

Dish It Out

Written by Katie Bailey
When it comes to serving food, are we falling short?
New spas, lifts and hotels will greet visitors next season at several resorts.

Mountain Spy :: May 2007

Written by Liz Eren
For this edition of Mountain Spy, our 007 Liz Eren got on the horn to find out how ski resorts handle the potential return of a customer. The lapsed sk...

Speak Out :: May 2007

Written by Kathy Hubbard, and Jim MacInnes
Kathy Hubbard, Director of Administration for the California Ski Industry Association talks emissions and regulations in "No Nox, The Diesel Dilemma." ...
Homewood Buys Alpine Meadows... Snowbowl Snowmaking Battle Continues... ASC Closes on Sales... Retail Sales Down... Obits... People... Supplier News......

Wind Power: Cloudy Forecast

Written by Allen Best
Fresh criticism of renewable energy certificates shows that when it comes to acting green, few things are black and white.

Pump Up The Volume

Written by Jeff Lewis
This past winter, two Pocono areas proved the value of maximizing their snowmaking capacity.

Share the Wealth

Written by Moira McCarthy
Here's a concept: give your guests a personalized tour and lead them all over the mountain, without moving a muscle (or adding to staff).

Going Abroad

Written by Seth Masia
As the domestic labor market tightens, resorts increasingly look overseas for staff.

Getting Personal

Written by Joy Spring
Build great relationships with your best customers.

Extreme Season Ends Well

Written by Linda Goodspeed
It's no surprise-wherever and whenever the weather cooperated, skiers and riders turned out en masse.