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November 2010

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Featured Story

The Talent Within

Training terrain park staff to become future leaders can be a no-brainer.

A Financial Snapshot of Small Areas

Written by Sylvain Audet
Small ski areas on the East Coast and in Canada provide a glimpse into operations-driven business.

Are You Snow White or Faux Green?

Written by Yaroslav Stanchak
A new system to test your productivity and energy use during snowmaking can lead to big savings.

Racing Into Diversity

Written by Moira McCarthy
Pats Peak embraces all markets, which is good for the bottom line.

Idea Files :: November 2010

Written by Sam Geise
A bamboo holder, a liftline gate and a high-powered mower are the latest great ideas to come from resorts.
Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month.

Waking Up Sleeping Giant

Written by Claire Walter
Community and state funds have relaunched this small-town, non-profit area.

Hedging Bets

Written by Linda Goodspeed
Resorts used deals and pass promotions to lock in business for this season.

The Energy Squeeze

Written by Allen Best
Areas that seek ways to cut energy costs are finding them almost everywhere they look.
Mountain Spy Liz Eren tackles customer service as a mother in this edition.
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