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September 2012

Memo From the Staff

SAM Turns 50!

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Welcome back to 1962! SAM Magazine is proud to celebrate its 50 years of publishing. We honor this feat by taking what we hope you will agree is an insightful, and often amusing, trip down memory lane. First, you’ll notice we might look a little...well, old. Not us personally, naturally, but the magazine. In the spirit of turning 50, we turned back our production clocks and went retro—in both our design and layout. While the magazine contains the same great, cutting-edge information you’ve grown accustomed to, we’ve served it up in 1962 style.

Second, each article contains a look-back box from the SAM archives. It is amazing that no matter how much things change, they truly do stay the same, and SAM has been there every step of the way.

Third, our main feature in this September issue is an editorial attempt to target the 50 defining moments that shaped the last half century. Pulling this together was no small task, and we sought out some great expertise and advice along the way. Check it out. Are some things missing, or are there “moments” that shouldn’t be there? That’s up to you to decide and we welcome your feedback.

Finally, a big shout-out goes to the advertisers who joined us in our mission to go retro. We are sure you will enjoy their ads as much as we do. And in that spirit, we want to hear about which one is your favorite. Great riches and fame will befall the creator of the best retro ad, so send your votes to

—The Forever Youthful Staff at SAM