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January 2015


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Lifts 2014: Is That All There Is?

January 8, 2015

New aerial lift installations hit rock bottom. Is this the new normal?

In this month's Mountain Spy, we tackle the simple act of renting gear. When a customer has doubts about going through the rental process, how easy d...

Online Waivers

Written by Peter Oliver
Cloud-based liability protection is the wave of the future.

Fit Renters Right

Written by Rick Kahl
Improving the bootfitting process, wherever possible, is crucial for return business.
Use only what's needed, while minimizing human error.

Deals Expand the First-Time Audience

Written by Alex Goerdt and Stephanie Grutz, Sundown Mountain Resort
Discount subscription programs such as Groupon broaden the newbie market.

Gearing Up for LSSM and BAF

Written by Linda Goodspeed
Resorts are taking a variety of approaches to boost trial and conversion.
Vail Resorts to Invest $50 Million at PCMR, Peak's IPO, and other news.

Letter to the Editor

Written by Scott Marland
NSP Responds to "Rescue Me."
Resorts across North America are making major improvements and expanding terrain for guests to enjoy this coming season.
Summer Ops and Tots

Summer Ops and Tots

Written by Jordan Lipp, Esq., Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP
Without the liability protection afforded by inherent risk statutes, summer activities need extra care--especially when kids are involved.

Programs for Summer

Written by Claire Humber, Director of Resort Planning, SE Group
Summer activities can be profitable. So can summer events. But the trifecta is activities, events, and programs.

Walking the Line

Written by Moira McCarthy
It's barely five years since aerial adventure parks appeared in winter resorts, but they have become a key part of the landscape.

The History of Cats: Part I

Written by Super User
A look back at the earliest machines used for slope grooming and the pioneers who invented them.