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September 2015


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Totally Tubular

September 1, 2015

Tubing has become an essential part of the revenue stream for many resorts; managing the business well takes care, attention, and a good set of rules.

In this month’s Mountain Spy, we address the trend of entitled customers. The responses vary, but a personable employee is always the best solution...
Epic Number of Season Pass Partnerships... Doubling Down on Uniqueness... When Expenses Trump Exclusivity... Solar in New York... Orange is the New Blu...

Problem Solving

Written by Howard R. Anderson, PE Specialized Engineering, Inc.
It takes creativity to find solutions when working with an orphan ski lift.

Job Number One

Written by Linda Goodspeed
Ski areas continue to search for new skiers and riders to replace the aging, and departing, Boomers.

Smart Cards Are on the Way

Written by Peter Oliver
But it may take them years to become widely accepted at winter resorts.
From World War II refugee to snowmaking innovator.
Major summer improvement projects include summit and base lodge additions, bike parts, and of course, lift installations.
SAM surveyed media buyers across the U.S. to discover how and where they commit their marketing dollars.

Greening Up

Written by Jeff Lewis
The owner of Elk Mountain, Pa., wanted to create a picture-postcard area. In planting 35,000 evergreen trees, he got even more than that.
Ramping Up for Winter

Ramping Up for Winter

Written by Laura Moriarty, President, Tahoe Training Partners
It takes planning and preparation to hire a first-rate staff. Here are best practices for hiring, onboarding, and training.

Circle of Trust

Written by Scott Hannah, President, Guest Research Inc.
Which is more important for financial excess: guest loyalty or employee loyalty? As it turns out, the two are inextricably linked.

The Silver Standard

Written by Don Stefanovich,
In-house expertise and a passion for mountain biking helped Silver Mountain, Idaho, build a viable summer business. Willy Bartlett spins in ...
The Changing Role of Patrol

The Changing Role of Patrol

Written by Gretchen Brugman
The transition from on-hill treatment of injured skiers to more broad-based risk and safety management has brought new responsibilities——and stra...