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November 2019

New Products :: November 2019

A collection of the latest technology and tools.

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nov19 np revl

Revl is an automated video (and photo) solution for adventure experiences that streamlines the process of capturing, editing, and sharing videos and photos. Activity operators supply the REVL action-stabilized cameras to visitors, who choose from a variety of video package options. The camera can be attached to ride equipment or the customer’s smartphone to record high-quality video of the activity, which is then edited by REVL’s system and optimized for all social media platforms for easy sharing. The content is delivered automatically to customers via branded email, where videos and photos can be watched and downloaded, or through the REVL app.


nov19 np paymerang

The new Paymerang electronic payables solution provides a simple, secure, and profitable way to pay your vendors electronically. Paymerang shifts payments to vendors to a secure form of electronic payments via “virtual credit card.” Resorts earn cash rewards on payments made by the card, and can be sure that vendors have been paid in a secure environment, mitigating the risk of payment fraud. Paymerang professionals do the work, from enrolling vendors to processing payments to reconciliation and follow-up.


nov19 np achilles

This new base layer line helps protect against cuts from sharp ski edges. Dyneema UHMWPE cut-resistant panels, sewn onto 80-percent nylon/20-percent Spandex compression-fit fabric, protect legs and arms. The panels are ANSI and EN388 rated to provide Level 4 cut resistance. By way of comparison, Level 5 is defined as “cut proof,” and most cut-resistant layers are rated at Level 2. The garments are air permeable to comply with FIS speed suit regulations. Bottom base layers are available in six unisex waist sizes from 26 to 36. Top base layers are available in men’s and women’s sizes XS to XXL.


nov19 np ascent

Ascent360 has introduced more functionality and a new user interface (UI) to its customer data platform (CDP). The new UI helps marketers quickly get information about the omnichannel campaigns the CDP automates. Business-critical information has been condensed, graphs and charts are easier to understand, and actionable insights are highlighted, which helps marketers target specific segments of customers. Other front- and back-end enhancements include data dictionaries, one-click functionality, and additional administrative capabilities.


nov19 np prinoth

PRINOTH has introduced a front blade-attached snow-carrying device, the SNOW BUCKET, to transport snow. The system was designed in-house by the PRINOTH R&D department in response to requests from customers looking to get more out of their snow groomers’ front blades. The SNOW BUCKET is a multi-use tool made to support grooming operations, snow park construction and maintenance, and chairlift boarding and unloading zones maintenance. The front blade implement has a loading capacity of 1.57 cubic yards (1.2 cubic meters) and can be hydraulically controlled using the joystick with the simple touch of a button. The bucket is 84 inches wide (213 cm) and can be installed on PRINOTH’s LEITWOLF and BISON snow groomers.