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January 2019

New Products :: January 2019

A collection of the latest technology and tools aimed at refining operations and improving the guest experience.

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jan19 new products 01The TALKABOUT T800 and TALKABOUT app allow outdoor enthusiasts to connect when off the cellular grid. The app connects smartphones to the radios over Bluetooth, using the T800 as a modem to send messages and locations over radio frequencies. Users can share and track locations, send messages, designate meet-up spots, and alert each other about movement and safety. Maps can be downloaded prior to travel using the app.


jan19 new products 02Aspenware e-commerce incorporates dynamic pricing, RFID reloading, and full point-of-sale integration to help increase conversions and reduce customers’ barriers to purchasing. Resorts can sell all products through one system and showcase their brands at every online touchpoint and across devices, with high resolution imagery and responsive design. Advanced pricing and packaging abilities encourage guests to book early. Modern attribute-based product display and easy packaging of products helps ease the guest experience and encourage more sales.


jan19 new products 03The WieFlyer is a new ride from Wiegand GmbH that hangs on a closed-circuit rail system, suspended from a steel substructure. Each vehicle is equipped with a variable electric motor that allows passengers to control their speed and reach a maximum velocity of about 19 mph. A continuous energy supply and control system provides power to vehicles along the entire track, and prevents collisions using an automatic distancing system. The rail system can be designed with straights, curves, and waves. And since the ride is elevated, it can be installed over existing attractions. It also allows for multiple loading stations.


jan19 new products 04PRINOTH Husky snow groomer and Nordic Liner PRINOTH’s Husky snow groomer, equipped with the new Nordic Liner, is well suited for preparing cross-country ski trails. Comprised of a standard full-width tiller, track setting plates, and optional individual track tiller(s), the HUSKY’s cross-country configuration offers options to fit a broad range of requirements. Lateral blades on each side of the track-setting plates provide stabilization, ensuring higher precision when preparing cross-country trails, and the improved central ice-cutting blades loosen the snow in front of the track-setting glides. Individual track tillers can also be installed between the main (full-width) tiller and the track setting plates, providing finer snow to be compacted in the track-setting phase.


jan19 new products 05SkiRing is an innovative ski training tool designed to assist in proper hand placement for skiers ages 3 and up by holding the lightweight, durable plastic ring out in front of them while skiing. Keeping the skiers’ hands in front supports proper athletic stance, motivates downhill focus, decreases anxiety, and inspires imaginative play while learning. A quiet upper body allows the skier to focus on foot and ankle movement and discourages flailing and dropping the hands down or back. The SkiRing was designed by a certified PSIA ski instructor, and is made in the U.S.A.


jan19 new products 06Intouch Business Insights is an analytics platform that allows managers to answer complex business questions and develop fresh insight. Built on the foundation of an enterprise guest management and transaction platform, it provides access to an organization’s data using a simple tool, which is optimized for analysis. It also gives the organization the ability to create custom visual reports and dashboards accessible from any device. Develop a true enterprise view by integrating third-party data sources to support advanced analysis and forecasting. Intouch Campaign Management allows you to create and execute targeted marketing campaigns without requiring third-party providers. This tool seamlessly integrates with Intouch Business Insights to incorporate transactional data, enriched with guest demographic, behavioral, and analytical data. That allows organizations to develop highly optimized campaign segments, send targeted communications, and personalize campaigns. The platform supports multiple channels, including email, social, SMS, mobile, print, or website.