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July 2020

New Products :: July 2020

A collection of products aimed at keeping guests and staff safe while operating during a pandemic.

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jul20 np axess

Multi-functional and interactive, the Axess TICKET KIOSK 600 combines smart technology and user-friendliness to create a new class of ticket machines. It enables tickets to be purchased quickly and conveniently on-site as well as redeem online purchases. The touchless scanner reads barcode and RFID tickets as well as prints at-home purchases or QR codes on smartphones. It has a 27-inch touchscreen color display with adjustable height. The system offers a variety of payment options and has both a country-specific credit card terminal and an NFC function. It can also take cash. Future versions will also offer the return of tickets and the repayment of deposits.

DemacLenko Sterilizing Fan Gun

jul20 np demaclenko

Snow gun manufacturer DemacLenko has developed a fully-automated gondola cabin disinfection system using a fan gun, a 300-liter tank, and a sensor system for gondola detection. The machine is controlled via a time switch system to guarantee a fully automatic disinfection of the cabins as they pass through the terminal.

Equip Sanitization Station

jul20 np equip

Equip Inc.’s Sanitization Station provides guests and employees easy access to hand sanitizer, gloves, and wipes, and provides for disposal as well. Available in a variety of colors or in stainless steel, stations are customizable and can match the aesthetics as they make these spaces safer.

Ultra-Tech Lighting Sterile-Bright

jul20 np ultratech

Ultra-Tech Lighting has developed Sterile-Bright, a multi-tiered approach to surface and air sterilization using a combination of UV light, which directly decomposes pathogens from its radiation, and ozone (O3), which is generated by the UV light and acts as a strong sterilizing agent. This combination provides a solution for sterilizing surfaces and spaces, according to the company, as it provides an effective non-chemical approach that addresses bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. The light is also said to effectively destroy larvae and other pests.

Indow Hands-Free Door Adapters

jul20 np indow1
jul20 np indow2

Indow Hands-Free Door Adapters allow people to open doors with their forearms instead of their hands. They’re made from durable aluminum and affix to existing offset door pull handles, round door knobs, and standard lever door pulls. These door adapters install very easily, are easy to use and clean, and can be uninstalled after the COVID-19 pandemic passes.

WINTERSTEIGER drying Cabinet speedDry

jul20 np wintersteiger
Wintersteiger’s drying cabinet in the speedDry series is made of powder-coated hot galvanized sheet metal and comes with double-wing doors and a magnetic fastener. Choose eight or sixteen aluminum dryer arms for shoes and gloves fitted with unique Steurer speedDry blow-out end caps. Dry clothes with the ebm-papst blowers, high-quality stainless steel heating coils, and an ionization unit that neutralizes odors and removes pathogens from the air in an ozone-free manner. The new xControl unit with color display and keyboard provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing the timing and power consumption of the system. The timers have variable settings and a countdown function. As an option, the xControl can activate a definable drying cycle, which it does using an external input.

BlackStrap Civil Face Mask

jul20 np blackstrap

The BlackStrap Civil Face Mask is made with dual-layer construction. The mask has a breathable mesh inner liner and a tightly woven outer shell. It is lightweight with a tapered design for a contoured fit on a variety of faces. The synthetic fabric is moisture wicking, lens-safe, machine washable, and quick drying. The Civil Mask is made from upcycled fabric in the USA. It is also part of BlackStrap’s WASTE-ZERO line of sustainably manufactured products that keep fabric scraps out of landfills.

CreativeStar Solutions - Artemis AI Disinfection Robot

jul20 np artemis

The Artemis AI Disinfection Robot integrates spray and ultraviolet disinfection systems with the mobile robots’ intelligent movements and autonomous working characteristics to achieve both UV and normal disinfection thoroughly, according to the company. The epidemic prevention and disinfection robot is said to be suitable for high-traffic areas that require regular space disinfection.

Disinfect&Shield Organic Hand Sanitizer

jul20 np disinfectandshield

Disinfect&Shield has introduced an FDA- and EPA-approved Organic Hand Sanitizer to its line of hospital-tested disinfectant products. Disinfect&Shield is said to kill SARS-CoV-2 and 99.99 percent other dangerous viruses, bacteria, and other microbes on contact, for up to 8 hours. It is available as a moisture-infused foam or spray that leaves an invisible, “breathable” barrier on the skin, according to the company. Unlike most hand sanitizers, which contain alcohol, it is benzalkonium chloride-based, made with a patented manufacturing process.


jul20 np duthermx

Dubak Electrical Group has launched DuThermX, a fully integrated body temperature measurement system for industrial and commercial applications in the U.S. The contact-free, high-capacity system detects elevated body temperatures as large numbers of people enter venues. The DuThermX system uses advanced thermal camera technology and can be integrated with existing security systems. According to the company, DuThermX detects body temperatures within +/- 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit for 16 – 40 people simultaneously, depending on the configuration of a facility’s entry point. With a response time of 30 milliseconds, the hard-wired setup is said to deliver a constant, secure, and reliable data feed. When a person passes through an entry point with an elevated temperature, an alarm alerts designated personnel. The multi notification alarm system includes audible, visual, email, SMS text, onscreen and network video capture.

Fusion Aura Face Mask

jul20 np FusionAura

Fusion Climb USA’s Aura Face Mask has a two-layer polyester fabric design with a pocket to easily insert a filter. The Aura is washable and reusable and has an adjustable elastic band that wraps around the back of the wearer’s head for added comfort. Available for bulk purchase, operators can also add company name and logo to the masks for a customized look. The Aura is handmade in the USA.

SKIDATA Common Access Solution

jul20 np skidata

SKIDATA’s common access solution uses the company’s software platforms to manage all access credentials. At ski resorts, for example, skiers can use their lift tickets to enter the parking facility upon arriving at the mountain. The lift ticket can also be programmed to provide access to ski lodges, patrons’ rooms in lodges, and of course, ski lifts. In addition to providing convenience to guests, the system provides facilities utilization data to resort managers, and that data can be used to better manage the resort.

Social Safety App

jul20 np SocialSafety

Social Safety helps keep employees at a safe physical distance through Bluetooth technology and a mobile application, by signaling—through sounds, vibration, and light display—when employees come closer than 6 feet to each other. Employees simply install the app on their personal mobile devices and activate it from an armband while they work. Additionally, the app keeps a secure, private record of accidental close contact between employees so that, in the case of infection, you can warn employees of their potential exposure risk for self-quarantine purposes.