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March 2021

New Products :: March 2021

A collection of new products for retail, mountain operations, and summer activities.

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mar21 np sol

The five styles of Sol Alpine goggles were designed with input from ski patrollers and mountain athletes. Retailing for $100 or less, all models feature flexible frames with three-layer foam, Airstream venting technology, seamless helmet compatibility, silicone-backed strap, dual-pane lenses with anti-fog and scratch resistant coating, and 100 percent UV-A, -B, and -C protection. The Alpinist and Vertical styles come with two lenses and a magnetic frame-to-lens connection. Sol Alpine’s co-founder owes her life to ski patrol after a nearly fatal 80-foot fall, so 1 percent of sales go directly to the mountain ski patrols where Sol goggles are sold. Sol Alpine also donates 1 percent of online sales through to National Ski Patrol.



mar21 np GoalZero

Charged by the sun, an outlet, or a vehicle, the Yeti 1500X power station can power off-site events and outdoor work sites, or provide back-up power indoors. A 2,000W AC inverter acts the same as any wall outlet. Seven different port options include fast-charging 60W USB-C power delivery, multiple USB-A ports, regulated 12V, and two 120V AC ports. With a lithium-ion battery at its core, transportable power is available with the push of a button, sans the noise, fumes, or maintenance of a gas-powered generator. Monitor, control, and optimize power usage from anywhere with Yeti App 3.0.



mar21 np SwitchBag Tan

The innovative ski-boot bag from Switch Designs efficiently carries ski boots, a helmet, and additional accessories as either a backpack or a tote. A simple reversible buckle transforms the bag from backpack to tote, or vice versa, for ease of transport and storage in and through different spaces. The design also allows for easy access to contents. Two interior mesh pouches can fit a 13 in. laptop and/or tablet, and the ski boot pockets have grommets for drainage and circulation.



mar21 np SkyGiantX Ratnik

The new Ratnik Sky Giant X is a single-stage gun with interchangeable nozzles and new internal mixing nucleators for low energy consumption and efficient nucleation. It showcases a simple design without extra stage valves and is priced competitively. Variations include a single or high-capacity twin barrel configuration, and tower lengths up to 20 feet, plus portable sled mounting up to 12 feet in length. Air flow is fixed at 3-60 cfm. Water flow for the single barrel ranges from 17 to 64 gpm, and 34 to 128 gpm for the double barrel. 



mar21 np ZMU Austria

The Tiroler Rohre GmbH (TRM) research department collaborated with an Austrian cement manufacturer to produce a new fiber cement mortar for the exterior coating of ductile-iron pipes. The coating provides “maximum chemical and mechanical protection,” i.e., its durability prevents damage, and its high-alkaline composition prevents any corrosion beyond a pH of 10. The ZMU-Austria pipe is made for alpine environments. Its strength and durability allow for almost any excavated material to be used for backfilling, with rock inlays up to 100 mm in size permitted. All relevant certificates and approvals are provided. The pipe comes in sizes DN80 through DN1000. The ZMU-Austria pipe is manufactured by TRM and it is sold through PNP Supply in North America.



mar21 np LockD Close Up5

LockD Clips is the successor to the Bornack SSB “always locked” dual-lanyard smart belay system, designed specifically for adventure park operations. With its simple locking system, it hastens the learning curve for first-time climbers, thus increasing throughput. It is lightweight and slender, easily operated by large and small hands alike. A reduction in the number of components means fewer wearing parts and greater longevity, and it’s backed by a 3-year warranty on non-wearing parts. No external servicing or certification is required; inspection and repairs can be done in the field. It integrates seamlessly into existing Bornack SSB systems.



mar21 np Slingshot

Bungee trampolines too tame? Try the Slingshot, the newest attraction from Adventure Solutions. Aptly named, the Slingshot hurls humans tethered to its supports 225 feet horizontally. According to the company, participants accelerate from 0 to 80 mph in 1.4 seconds, producing up to 4.6 G force. The ride starts with pulling the participant into position using an electric winch. The winch is connected to a specially designed harness the participant wears, and the harness is connected to bungees. Once in position, the Slingshot catapults the participant into the experience. The attraction can be operated by one person.