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September 2021

New Products :: September 2021

Innovations for winter and summer ops.

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SAM rounded up a handful of innovations for mountain resort operators to consider.



sep21 np demaclenko

DEMACLENKO partnered with 3CON on the Snow4Ever 200, a new solution for efficient snowmaking above freezing temperatures. Using only water and air, the technology produces real technical snow inside the system, regardless of external climatic conditions. Production volumes can reach 200 m3 (260 Yd3) per day, and snow density adjustments allow users to alter snow quality according to their needs. The snow producer is controlled using DEMACLENKO’s Snowvisual 4.0 software, which displays important operating processes and data. A mechanical de-icing system keeps the components free of ice. The entire unit comes in a transportable modular container.



sep21 np eldorado

Eldorado’s Backyard Boulder is one of several new freestanding climbing wall products from the company. Requiring only a packed-soil or concrete flat surface and 3-5 people to set up, it can be used for indoor or outdoor entertainment. The panels come attached on frames, ready for assembly, and have a UV-protected, texture finish. Its ASCE 7-16 anchoring options are built to withstand 115 mph in Category C exposure. It comes in three sizes and five color combinations. Anchoring kits and handholds are sold separately.


ADG EpicSur

sep21 np adg

Aquatic Development Group’s new EpicSurf is a true deep-water stationary surf wave designed to appeal to both expert and novice surfers. Instead of producing a thin sheet of water that is pushed over a formed surface, the EpicSurf produces a real wave of water that can be adjusted in depth from between 3-5 feet using the Rapid Wave Adjustability remote access control system. Dual training bar options are available for beginners to help ease them onto the wave and enhance learn-to-surf programs. Engineered and manufactured in Upstate New York, the EpicSurf wave surface can be designed and built starting at a width of 30 feet and expanding in eight-foot increments depending on site plan or business model.