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November 2021

New Products :: November 2021

SAM collected a handful of new products designed to enhance the guest experience.

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Leitner’s Diamond EVO gondola cabin model has received an update. Buyers can now adapt height, width, and length, and choose between floor materials, including glass. Seating options—benches or individual seating—come in a range of finishes, from plastic to leather to wood. Electronic equipment upgrades include Wi-Fi, info screens, remote and intercom systems, and solar panels. Interior and exterior configuration variations are available for winter and summer sports equipment storage. The Diamond EVO has automatic sliding doors, which can have fixed side panels or run along the entire side as panoramic doors. All-around glazing offers a 360-degree view, amplifying the cabin’s space and optimizing the diamond shape. For ventilation, tilting windows can be installed on the valley or mountain side, in the upper area and beneath the seats.



nov21 np 02

The new TRUBLUE iQ and iQ+ auto belays replace the first generation TRUBLUE. Utilizing Head Rush’s patented magnetic eddy-current braking system, the IQ series is lighter weight and more durable, with wider webbing, a built-in back bumper, and a replaceable mount guard. Featuring built-in connectivity and an IoT (Internet of Things) compatible platform, the iQ series is engineered with future feature releases—from data downloads to service reminders and photo and video capabilities—in mind. The iQ+ also features catch-and-hold technology, allowing climbers to rest and project routes.



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The Guidify app creates multimedia visitor guides that work in remote regions without Wi-Fi or mobile service. Resorts can use the app to build guides for winter and summer trail systems, indoor navigation, and other applications, including the development of games and contests, such as a single-day mass participation event where skiers score points for passing through GPS hotspots around the mountain. The app includes GPS, image recognition, an augmented reality function, and Bluetooth-activated audio, video, photo, and text files. It also has a broad range of usage statistics, an in-app accommodation booking portal, and the ability to collect visitor contact details and feedback.



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Versatile Clutter Baskets can help declutter public spaces such as base lodges and cafeterias—a convenience guests have come to appreciate during the pandemic. The baskets give guests a place to stash gear, optimizing seating capacity in the process. The powder-coated, expanded steel baskets can be installed in a variety of ways: temporarily on tables via a quick connect/disconnect mount, or with a permanent mount. They can also be suspended from the ceiling or beams, and even inserted into umbrella table holes. Logos or resort names can be laser cut into the products for personalization; small signs can be added to present advertisements or information. The baskets can also be painted to match the color scheme of the resort or business. Last but not least in this Covid era, plastic protective barriers can be added as sneeze guards under the baskets to mitigate the spread of the virus.