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July 2022

New Products :: July 2022

A variety of new items for ski area operators to consider. 

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Demaclenko: EVO 3.0

jul22 np demaclenko

The EVO 3.0 is the latest Demaclenko fan gun in the compact class, offering versatility and energy-efficiency. Features include a new nozzle ring for snowmaking in marginal temps, a throwing range of 197 feet (60 m), a total energy consumption of 11 kW, a max water flow of 114 gpm, and a new control cabinet. A seven-inch touchscreen display provides information on: water temperature, pressure, and flow; snow quality; air temperature and humidity; and energy consumption. It’s equipped for full automation and can be controlled via optional smartphone/tablet application with a wireless connection. The new control cabinet (Demaclenko Control) operates using integrated Wi-Fi and allows for troubleshooting through remote diagnostics.


MND: Fun Coaster 

jul22 np mnd

The MND Fun Coaster is a new four-season gravity ride from MND. The aerodynamic two-seat sleds travel on a monorail at a max speed of 25 mph; the driver controls the speed using a hand-operated brake. Sleds have a folding backrest for easier storage. The simple, light, aluminum structure is designed to be adaptable to any terrain and the course can include several variations with twists, turns, and tunnels. The coaster has a capacity of 350 sleds per hour. Safety features include an anti-fall net, centrifugal brakes—including an automatic braking system in case the rider lets go of the brake handle—safety belts, and same-level boarding. Customization options range from sled color to clip-on weather protection and snow blades, lighting, sound, video monitoring, and virtual reality.  


SensorLogic: SNOdar

jul22 np sensorlogic

SNOdar is a low-power snow-depth sensor used to monitor seasonal snow depth and snowfall, as well as 24-hour new snowfall, accurate to +/- 1 cm. It is compact, lightweight, and, according to SensorLogic, is an affordable option with a low storm-dropout rate compared to other ultrasonic and SNOTEL station sensors. The internal datalogger and BLE connectivity provides redundancy and access to an entire season of data within Bluetooth range. With the addition of the LTE Gateway for backhaul and cloud database and API services, real-time data can be accessed anywhere with internet connectivity. Data can render on your ski area website or be directly accessed through a hosted dashboard. It can be powered via battery and solar panels or line power, meaning installation is fast and potentially off-grid in remote locations.


Emerson Bearing: X5 V Belt 

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The new, made-in-the-U.S.A. X5 V Belt combines increased flexibility and a cogged belt design to more efficiently transmit torque, leading to energy savings in a typical drive system, according to Emerson Bearing. It is manufactured using EPDM, a material with increased temperature range (-70°F to 260°F), higher durometer, and more flexibility compared to a typical v-belt, the company says. The belt meets all ARPM belt standards, is heat and oil resistant, and is static conducting to ARPM and mine safety standards. It also works with backside idlers at essentially no loss in belt life. In addition, the product features “one code” matching to eliminate matching issues. Available cross sections include AX through EVX, and 3VX, 5VX, and 8VX.


Neveplast: SKLIDE

jul22 np neveplast

The new SKLIDE from Neveplast is a gravity-fed activity for users age 4 and up that is similar to summer tubing but with a new toboggan-like apparatus for the rider. On a track made from the existing NP30 Freeski synthetic sliding surface (see “New Products,” SAM, January 2022), the rider sits upright on a lightweight toboggan, which has a smooth underside, low center of gravity, and a “joystick” for support and steering; the rider can use his or her feet to slow the toboggan. It is designed for short, frequent trips—the rider simply carries the toboggan back to the top. Installation requires a well-established ground surface and a smooth slope with an 8- to 15-percent grade, plus a flat deceleration and arrival area. The activity does not require water or electricity. It can be customized to fit specific needs, including size, track color, and design.


Pulse Innovations: SNAPD

jul22 np snapd

SNAPD is a fully automated action-triggered camera system housed in a weatherproof enclosure with versatile mounting options. Using ultra high frequency RFID, it recognizes tagged participants from up to 80 feet away, takes several photos, and sends them to the user via web application. When a tag, such as an RFID wristband, is detected by an antenna, the software in the camera ties those images with the user’s personal identification number on the wristband and uploads them to the SNAPD cloud for viewing, purchasing, and downloading. The equipment is provided and installed by Pulse Innovations at no upfront cost to its resort partners as part of a revenue share agreement.