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September 2022

New Products :: September 2022

A collection of new tools, activities, and equipment.

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sep22 np adrenazip

The new AdrenaZip trolley from MND Leisure uses new in-line braking technology that can adapt to slope steepness, up to a 30 percent grade. Two braking blocks on the wheels and non-contact braking eliminate wear and tear on the system, according to the company, and increase durability. The trolley has a load range of 88 to 330 lbs., and is capable of having one or two riders attached. The AdrenaZip is designed to pass through intermediate pylons along the span; the pylons are comparable to lift towers and serve to manage sag in the cable from one point to another, allowing for installations where a typical zip line wouldn’t be feasible. The trolley can be installed on lines up to 9,000 feet long and travel up to 75 mph.



sep22 np smart mountain

SmartMountain is a suite of web and mobile applications designed to collect, organize, and share important information needed to maintain snow safety and improve operations. Developed by Earth Analytic and sold in North America by Steep Management, SmartMountain is built on the ArcGIS platform from geographic information system (GIS) software provider Esri. It combines web-based mapping technology and custom ski area data to provide real-time feedback on skier incidents, avalanche mitigation, terrain assessment, grooming and snowmaking optimization, patroller performance, and on-hill work assignments. The program is scalable for large and small operations, and is iOS, Android, and Windows compatible.



sep22 np de waard

Now available in North America through EJH Events and Distribution, the 2021 tent collection from Dutch manufacturer De Waard offers more than eight tent models in an assortment of shapes and sizes to meet a variety of potential resort glampsite and campsite needs. Ranging from luxury to rustic, De Waard tents can accommodate anywhere from three to six sleepers, depending on the model. Several models include canopies, large windows, and rollable doors for easy indoor/outdoor living, and are spacious enough to accommodate separate sleeping and dining/living spaces. Some models can be insulated for cooler weather conditions to extend the rental season. De Waard tents are made largely by hand and constructed from select sustainable raw materials.



sep22 np zosh

Zosh is an electric all-terrain scooter, suitable for excursions on pavement, sand, snow, and forest paths. Designed to be used in a standing position, the scooter’s two 20-inch fat tires and front suspension fork provide stability and absorption. It is equipped with front and rear four-piston hydraulic brakes and a height adjustable handlebar. The scooter’s removable 35 amp-hour lithium-ion battery has a range of 49 miles in the city or 31 miles in the mountains, with a 2.5-hour charging time using a 13-amp charger. Its max speed is governed at 15 mph, but can be adjusted depending on where it’s being used. The Zosh is available in two models: single-engine, which weighs 73 lbs., or twin-engine, which weighs 84 lbs. The graphics on the frame are customizable.



sep22 np snow brite

Snow-Bright’s new, patented 300-watt flood light, featuring a new reflector with improved geometry that results in more efficient light distribution, has replaced the previous 300-watt flood light. According to Snow-Bright distributor Ultra-Tech, the new 300-watt is a viable replacement for 1,000-watt metal halide or 1,500-watt high-pressure sodium bulbs commonly used for ski slope lighting, and it uses less energy, doesn’t need to warm up before reaching maximum brightness, and is specifically designed to illuminate snowy surfaces. The bulbs can run for 100,000 hours, according to the company, and are also dark sky compliant.