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November 2022

New Products :: November 2022

Equipment, tools, and tech for ski area operators.

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nov22 np smi

The L120 is the newest and largest all-weather snowmaking machine from SMI Snow Makers. It has four, 30-metric-ton flake-ice evaporators that can run independently or at the same time, all housed in an 8’ x 40’ footprint. Each evaporator can produce 60 cubic meters (78 cubic yards) of flake ice every 24 hours. The machine is equipped with an intuitive touchscreen, and allows for remote control via smartphone, computer, or tablet. A camera provides remote users a view of the snowmaking process and where the snow is piling up outside. The unit also comes with four separate discharge hoses that can send the snow up to 500 feet away from the unit.



nov22 np CM DuponThe Alpine 510 by CM Dupon, new to the North American market, is an alpine trail groomer. Equipped with a six-cylinder D13 Volvo Penta engine that has an output of 510 horsepower and maximum torque of 2,595 Nm from 1,200 rpm. It has a top speed of 13 mph. The Alpine 510 gets an average of 5.3 gallons per hour, and will climb a pitch of 45 degrees. The six-band tracks with aluminum bars and centered steel inserts optimize the distribution of forces for grip-on-snow in sloped or frozen conditions. The machine has a total weight of 24,250 lbs. and a weight-to-power ratio of 50 lbs. per hp. All Alpine 510 groomers come standard with a 12-position flexible blade with enough travel to shape and build terrain parks. It comes with an 80 gallon fuel tank, two 12V 140 Ah batteries, and meets Tier 5 emissions standards.



nov22 np REVL wireless transfer coaster circledRevl recently released its new Wireless Transfer technology for alpine coasters. The technology allows coaster operators to offer guests fully edited videos of their experience without the need for any additional staff. The footage is transmitted wirelessly from the coaster and edited by artificial intelligence to create a personalized video with highlights from the ride, which the guest can then purchase through a self-service kiosk. Installations are up and running across the U.S.




nov22 np cardo device ski 1Cardo Systems, maker of wireless intercom solutions, provides ski and snowboard instructors with a means to talk to one another and to their students while they are in motion. The new Packtalk communication system integrates with the user’s helmet and acts as an earpiece and microphone, allowing for hands-free communication without the need for internet or cellular signal. Volume is automatically adjusted based on speed and wind noise. With a battery life of up to eight hours in cold and hot conditions and a range of up to .62 miles (one kilometer) in direct line of sight, the technology allows groups of up to 15 people to remain connected throughout the day. The systems are water- and snow-proof. They can also be used to stream music or take phone calls.





nov22 np See You Next Season logoSee You Next Season is a database tool that connects prospective workers with employers via job offers and position postings in mountain and tourism communities. The site is free to join for both employers and employees. As an employee seeking work, after registering with the site, an individual’s information is shared with employers who can then reach out via text message or email for further evaluation. The site also provides information about working in various parts of the world and various mountain resort profile pages. At press time, the tool had a database of just 428 employment seekers worldwide, but more than 30 new seekers have been signing up each week. That pace could pick up, too, as more employees discover it.