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Selling 44 3 place early C-tec galvanized detach bike carriers purchased in 2015. Asking $1,000 per. Photos available upon request. Please contact Ted Davis, Director Mountain Ops at 518-734-4300 x1361 or

Doppelmayr 1989 detached chairlift. 1,550’ length. 200 horse power. Excellent condition. 43 chairs. More details contact Fred at 819-620-4657 or

1989 Poma Detachable Quad Chairlift

For sale 1 – 1989 Poma detachable quad chairlift, drive / tension top fixed return, length 670 m, vertical 130 m, capacity 3000/hr, 63 chairs 250 HP. Lift is in excellent condition, current lift hrs = 28400, well maintained...