September 2006

September 2006

  • Thoughts from Chairman Bill
    New NSAA chairman bill Jensen speaks to SAM about the state of the industry and his vision for the future.

  • 2006-2007 Media Directory
    The annual roundup of special winter sports sections in major metropolitan newspapers and industry-specific magazines across North America.

  • Playing Renewable Roulette
    To combat global warming and pollution, many winter resorts are turning to renewable energy. See what the wind, sun and water can do for you.

  • Who's Trying Now?
    Conversion and retention are the buzzwords of the industry. While the overall needle hasn't moved much, here are some bright spots.

  • Paving the Way
    It's the first place our guests come to when they visit and the last place they see-our parking lots. How can we make them more user-friendly?

  • What's New
    Ziprider cable rescue device, V-Kool heat-reflecting film, Keuka footwear, Techstar Plastics cart, Flexmeter wrist guard, Snow Tiger ski wagon, Milestone rock pavers, ColorID passholder, TAG Heuer timer, Rotella motor oil, SkiData ticket reader, CR-TEC electric valve operators, 3M locating/marking system, HID Powerlight flashlight.

  • The Sin of Wages
    The NSAA recently released its Wage and Salary Survey. We review how the industry fares compared to the rest of the workforce at large.

  • Construction Site
    See what resorts were up to this past building season.

  • SAM Idea Files
    A tricked-out ATV, maze lines and floor tracks are some of the great ideas from creatie ski resorts.

  • Speak-Out
    Thoughts on a Summer Day-by Jarrod Moss. Taking Safety to the Next Level-A SAM editorial. Growth Initiative Ills Start at the Top-Pete Robertson.

  • Industry Reports
    ASC Reviews Options for Steamboat... Wolf Creek Decision Upheld... Minturn Resort Gets Nod... A New Major Resort for B.C.?... Killington Loses Partner... Obituaries... People... Supplier People... Supplier News.

  • Mountain Spy
    SAM goes undercover.

  • Time To Train
    Effectively training rental shop staff is key to a safe and successful business.

  • 'Round the Clock
    Some visitors can't get enough corduroy. Is non-stop grooming the wave of the future?

  • Getting Together
    When most of the business is shrunk down to four short months, communication between departments is crucial. Here's how some area keep the lines open.

  • Is Your Boss a Bully?
    There's plenty of them, you can't change them, but you can learn to work with them

  • Recruiting for Diversity
    Jiminy Peak and Ski Butternut have found some great employees by working with a local group that promotes diversity.

  • An Unlikely Slope
    An enterprising Dutch investor turned a hilly pasture into a thriving snow business. Here's how.