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The 2022 SAMMY Leadership Award Honorees

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SAM Magazine—Natick, Mass., April 1, 2022—The four individuals being recognized with 2022 SAMMY Leadership Awards symbolize the actions, approaches, and operations that have grown in importance during the past two tumultuous years—small, family-owned ski areas; diversity, equity, and inclusion on our mountains; and transparent marketing communications and technology. SAMMYwinners22Constance Beverley, Gregg Blanchard, Katie Boedecker, Kevin SomesThis year’s honorees are: Constance Beverley, champion of underserved youth; Gregg Blanchard, marketing and technology thought leader; Katie Boedecker, hands-on owner and operator; and Kevin Somes, resort and community bellwether. 

These four were nominated by their peers, who applauded not only what they do for the industry, but who they are as people.

Since 1998, the annual SAMMY Leadership Awards have recognized leaders in the mountain resort industry who, at mid-career, demonstrate the passion, involvement, work ethic, vision, and creativity that will shape the industry’s future. 

A special thank you to SAMMY sponsors Leitner-Poma of America and Safehold Special Risk. They have proudly supported this important recognition of our current and future leaders since the SAMMY’s inception 24 years ago.

Congratulations to the SAMMY class of 2022! Read their full bios, here. 

Constance Beverley, CEO, Share Winter Foundation 

As a lifelong lover of sliding on snow, Constance Beverley recognizes the positive impact snowsports has had on her life from an early age. A deep desire to ensure others have the same opportunities brought her to the Share Winter Foundation, a grantmaking organization that works to improve the lives, health, and fitness of youth through winter sports, and create a more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming winter sports community.

Prior to becoming Share Winter CEO in 2017, Constance served on its board of directors for a year while working as an attorney representing large financial firms on Wall Street. She has a history of volunteer leadership with other snowsports organizations including SheJumps, STOKED, Boarding for Breast Cancer, and the Kelly Clark Foundation. 

She is currently also a member of the NSAA Growth Committee, Together Outdoors, the Inclusion on the Slopes advisory board, and the State of the Snowpack board of directors.

During her tenure at Share Winter, Constance has grown youth participation through foundation partnerships from 13,000 to more than 45,000 youth last winter.

Nominators celebrate Constance’s leadership, commitment, and fierce determination to make the winter sports world a more inclusive one. For example:

“Constance is a powerhouse, and her dogged determination to achieve the mission of Share Winter is legendary. She is an amazing woman and works harder than anyone I know.”

“Constance Beverley is changing the landscape of skiing and riding. Constance is unequivocally committed to making sliding on snow accessible to all.”

Gregg Blanchard, Vice President of Marketing, Inntopia / Founder, Slopefillers

Gregg Blanchard is the vice president of marketing for Inntopia and creator of SlopeFillers, a daily blog and social media metrics platform where Gregg gathers and shares great resort marketing examples, ideas, and stories. The impact of SlopeFillers on industry marketing has been significant: What started in 2010 as a side hustle to build Gregg’s network and knowledge in the ski industry, quickly grew into a must-read morning ritual for hundreds of resort marketing teams. 

With a background in digital marketing, Gregg joined Ryan Solutions in 2011 as the director of communications. When Inntopia acquired Ryan Solutions in 2016, Gregg took on a larger role in marketing for Inntopia and led the brand into the company's next chapter as a larger, multi-product platform. 

Over the years, Gregg has become known for his honest, level-headed view on trends and is a regular speaker at conferences and events throughout the mountain resort industry. SlopeFillers continues to deliver weekly ideas, inspiration, and analysis for resort marketers across North America. 

Nominators recognize Gregg for his keen insights, curiosity, out-of-the-box thinking, and commitment to sharing. For example:

“Gregg is a thought leader with a keen inquisitive mind that is always on the hunt for new ideas to share with industry at large.”

“Gregg Blanchard has, through his own efforts and initiatives, become one of the most influential voices in ski resort marketing.”

Katie Boedecker, Owner and General Manager, Showdown Montana, MT

Katie Boedecker is the owner and operator of Showdown Montana, the oldest continually operating ski area in Montana. Katie is a fourth generation Montanan and moved to Showdown in 1973 at the age of 10, when her dad, George Willett, purchased the ski area. In 2018, Katie was named general manager of the ski area, and in 2020, she acquired ownership of Showdown from her dad. Katie continues to run Showdown as a family operation with her four children. 

Katie has also worked in tourism, hospitality, real estate, and tech development. She brings all the knowledge and experience from her diverse work history to Showdown, and is one of the only female ski area owner and operators in the country.

Katie has implemented initiatives to keep skiing affordable for families in central Montana, and she is active in her local community as a founding member of the Meagher County Stewardship Council. Core to her leadership style is the belief that Showdown’s base is not the amount of snow it has, but its people. 

Nominators say Katie is an inspiring leader who demonstrates great strength, passion, and humor. For example:

“Katie is a bold thinker, visionary, and leader, who wants the very best for her family, employees, guests, Montana ski community, and the ski industry at large.” 

“Her strengths are centered on strong relationships with her employees and guests. Her personality is magnetic, and she draws people in. You can’t help but like her.”

Kevin Somes, General Manager, Snow Valley, CA

Kevin Somes is the vice president and general manager of Snow Valley Mountain Resort, the oldest continually operating ski area in Southern California. He joined Snow Valley in 2003 in a frontline role. Within a year, he moved into the marketing department, and eventually rose to become VP of marketing and sales before being named VP and general manager of the ski area in 2013.

Kevin is passionate about volunteer work. He serves on the board of Snow Valley, LLC, and he is in his fourteenth term as president of the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce. Kevin also serves on the Ski California board of directors, the Rim Special Athletes board, and is the founding president of the Rim of the World Trails Alliance. Additionally, Kevin has worked part-time for the City of Anaheim at its Oak Canyon Nature Center for nearly 27 years. 

Under Kevin's leadership, Snow Valley visitation has risen from less than 40,000 to more than 200,000 a year. He has increased year-round employment numbers by resuming and expanding summer operations, and nearly doubled the amount of people employed at the ski area while reducing work-related injuries.

Nominators praise Kevin’s compassion, devotion, vision, mentorship, and commitment to his employees. For example:

“Kevin is a multi-community and industry leader. He is an amazing individual that maintains a balance in his life that many would flounder at and run away.” 

“He has been a mentor to many. With leaders in the industry like Kevin, I am certain that the future of the sport is in good hands.”