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We gathered a few frequently asked questions about subscriptions to SAM. Got a question that isn't answered here? Let our circulation manager Jack know! He responds to phone calls at (860)836-8727, emails at jack@saminfo.com, and the occasional carrier pigeon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many issues do you print a year?

We print six issues per year in January, March, May, July, September, and November. All of them are chock-full of content covering everything from technical articles to how-to’s and thought-provoking features.

What other benefits do I get as part of my subscription?

In addition to six issues per year of the magazine, print subscribers also receive our Headline News email blasts, plus access to the SAM Digital Archives on saminfo.com. The archives are home to articles from as recently as a year ago to some dating back to 1962.

It doesn’t look like you have the full text of every article available in the digital archives.

You are right, the digital archives are brand-new and we’re working to get all of our content online. In the meantime, if you are a subscriber and there is an article you are looking for just email donna@saminfo.com to get a PDF version.

What about the most recent issue, is that available online?

Only a few articles from the past 12 months (six issues) are available online. So, make sure that your address is up to date, to ensure you get the latest print edition with the most current content.

Can I share my digital access?

To a small extent, yes. We've tried to set it up so that it's similar to sharing a print magazine. Print subscribers receive complimentary access to the digital archives through their own personal login. We use cookies, so that once you login to view one article, you are logged in for that session. However, if the cookie is placed on too many devices or is used on multiple devices at the same time, your account can get locked out. We limit sharing in this way because we can't afford to give away our work—we depend on subscriber support to keep the content machine going. If you find the content valuable enough to share with others, perhaps they should have their own subscription. It's pretty inexpensive, after all.

How do I sign in to the digital archives? RenewalCode

To sign in to the digital archives for the first time, you’ll need a) your renewal code and b) your mailing zip code. Your renewal code is a five-digit code made up of letters and numbers that can be found on the mailing label of your latest issue. When you login the first time you can set up your email address and a password for easy login every time.

What else can I do with my login?

You can renew your subscription, update your address, all kinds of things! It’s a really handy thing to have.

What if I can’t get my login to work?

If you haven’t logged in before, call Jack at 860-836-8727. He’ll sort it out for you. Already set up your login and just can’t remember your password? Try this password reset first. If that doesn’t work, call or email Jack and he’ll sort it out.

It doesn’t look like you have a digital-only subscription option?

That’s correct. We conduct regular reader surveys and the consensus is still overwhelmingly in support of having content delivered in the print magazine. Let’s be honest, we spend a lot of time in front of screens and sometimes sitting down with a good old-fashioned magazine is a nice break.That being said, we are always looking for ways to go green and that is why we have recently switched to a new subscription process in order to reduce our use of paper.

I am new to SAM, can I try before I buy?

We always have great deals and discounts available. Give Jack a call at (860)836-8727 or email at jack@saminfo.com to find out what we've got on offer.

I want to start or join an existing group to get the best rates.

Absolutely! Give Jack a call at (860)836-8727 and he can set that up for you! 

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Jack, definitely call Jack, he can help with your subscription. He responds to email too! (860)836-8727 or jack@saminfo.com.