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This year’s “10 Under Thirty” seem to defy the easy classification of their titles. From a finance director who understands the atomization and nucleation involved in snowmaking to a marketing director who can and still does run the kitchen cash register, these 10 wear multiple hats—and wear them well.

The 10 hail from across North America: small operations in the East, destination resorts in the West, and to the North, Canadian classics. Their nominators—bosses and co-workers alike—clearly respect the 10’s indefatigable enthusiasm for and commitment to the snowsports industry.

The industry is facing several challenges: an aging guest and leadership demographic, static skier visits, climate change, and more. But these rising stars don’t just see the problems, they see solutions, too. And they are eager to help.

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jul18 10 under 30 lauren bourgeau LAUREN BOURGEAU
Marketing Project and Content Manager, Sun Valley Resort, ID
Age: 29
jul18 10 under 30 thomas capezza THOMAS CAPEZZA
Mountain Operations Supervisor, Mount Peter, N.Y.
Age: 25
jul18 10 under 30 nick cohee NICK COHEE
Director of Skiing, China Peak Mountain Resort, Calif.
Age: 29
jul18 10 under 30 allie doro ALLIE DORO
Director of Snowsports, Holiday Valley Ski Area, N.Y.
Age: 28
jul18 10 under 30 avery gold AVERY GOLD
Marketing Director, Showdown Ski Area, Mont.
Age: 28
jul18 10 under 30 paul kenward PAUL KENWARD
Events and Terrain Park Manager, Silver Star Resort, B.C.
Age: 27
jul18 10 under 30 andrew lang ANDREW LANG
Director of Development Finance, Alterra Mountain Company
Age: 27
jul18 10 under 30 eileen may west EILEEN MAY-WEST
Program Manager, Wasatch Adaptive Sports, Utah
Age: 29
jul18 10 under 30 greg valerio GREG VALERIO
Bike Park and Mountain Sports Shop Supervisor, Windham Mountain, N.Y.
Age: 29
jul18 10 under 30 ashley vandoren ASHLEY VANDOREN
Human Resources Coordinator, Lutsen Mountains, Minn.
Age: 23