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Consolidation has turned the ski world upside down, transforming the landscape as we know it. To help you understand the magnitude of the recent, dramatic changes in the ski business, SAM and Chris Diamond, former president of Steamboat Resort, have teamed to offer an exclusive industry-only package: an advance copy of Ski Inc. 2020, Chris’s blockbuster new book, a SAM subscription, plus access to the SAM Digital Archives (an unlimited resource of ideas and lessons learned).

Whether you are an industry leader or a next gen leader, Ski Inc. 2020 is a must read to understand current times...and right now you can get a free advance copy only through SAM! See what readers are already saying about this book below. Ready to order? Go to the bottom of the page for order information.

What readers say about Ski Inc. 2020:

"This book dissects the tectonic shift occurring in the North American ski industry and its significance for resorts, mountain communities, and skiers, delivering a detailed and insightful perspective on the transformation of the business of skiing."
SmallArrow Bill Jensen, CEO and Partner, Telluride Ski and Golf Resort

"The industry response from the large resorts down to the mom-and-pop ski areas has been strategic and, for some, simply a matter of survival. Chris’s knowledge of the industry and thorough research provide the reader a snapshot into the dynamics of our industry."
SmallArrow Jerry Blann, former President, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

"Ski Inc. 2020 is a must-read for anyone who wants to make a career in the ski industry and have an upper hand, or someone who wants a deeper knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry because of their passion for skiing and snowboarding.”
SmallArrow Megan Collins, Communications Specalist (and 2019 SAM "10 Under 30), Snowbasin

"This book demonstrates that if we apply critical thinking, curiosity and innovation capital, the future of our industry has no inevitability."
SmallArrow Amy Ohran, President and GM, Boreal and Soda Springs

"Through countless interviews, hundreds of sources, and deep first-hand experience, Diamond has woven a must-read narrative for anyone hoping to make their career in ski."
SmallArrow Gregg Blanchard, SVP Strategy, Inntopia; Founder,


Frequently Asked Questions:

SmallArrow How do I get my complimentary copy of Ski Inc. 2020?

It's easy! Subscribe to SAM Magazine by Oct. 27 with this limited-time special offer and you will automatically receive a complimentary copy of Ski Inc. 2020 as our special gift to you.

SmallArrow What if I already have a subscription?

Current subscribers can take advantage of this exclusive offer too! Renew your subscription by Oct. 27 with this limited-time special offer and you too will receive Ski Inc. 2020.

SmallArrow When will I get my book?

SAM will be the sole distributor of advanced copies of Ski Inc. 2020 until Oct. 27. The books are currently being printed and will be ready to ship in early October. Hurry and get your order in today to be one of the first to read this insightful book.

SmallArrowCan I get Chris Diamond's first book, Ski Inc., so that I can have a complete set?

Yes, we have a limited supply of Ski Inc. and can include it in your shipment for an additional $25. Simply add it to your cart when you check out. Questions? Email

SmallArrowCan I order more than one book?

Of course, once you sign up for a subscription (or renew), you are eligible for a bulk shipment of books. Just email with your bulk request. Shipping charges will apply.

SmallArrowCan I purchase the book without a subscription?

Yes, a single copy of the book is $29.95. But, why pay for the book when we are offering it FREE with a subscription (or if you renew your subscription) plus unlimited access to our SAM Digital Archives? This FREE book offer is only available for a limited time. Email with questions. Still want just the book? Click here.


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