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After 5 years of designing, building, testing, and refining SnowCloud , Cumulus is now ready to be released.  SnowCloud Cumulus will enable its users to run their businesses in ways never seen before, maximizing operational efficiency while also improving the guest experience.  Cumulus brings industry-leading level technology and functionality to resorts and amusement businesses of all sizes. 

What is SnowCloud Cumulus?  Cumulus is a complete resort operating platform.  One integrated system to run all aspects of your business.  Is it a point-of-sales system?  You can create, manage, and sell all your products through Cumulus, but we don’t believe in Point of Sales.  Cumulus is a one hundred percent guest-centered system. Guests shouldn’t have to make their purchases at a specific point of sale.  Sales should happen wherever and whenever they want them to, right from the palm of their hand. 

Is Cumulus a resort app?  Yes, but it’s also so much more.  Cumulus allows guests to encode their own media or use their phones for lift access, make purchases, manage their accounts, and order food or retail items right from the Cumulus Resort App. Operators can run their entire business from a smartphone with no need for additional hardware.  Everything from opening and closing trails, checking real-time reporting, managing guest service issues, processing sales, encoding media, and access scanning can all be done from the Cumulus Operator App.   

Quite simply, SnowCloud Cumulus is the future of resort operations, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Key Features: 


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