May 2019

New Products :: May 2019

A collection of the latest technology and tools aimed at refining opertions and improving the guest experience.
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Walltopia Ninja Course

may19 new products 01The Walltopia Ninja Course is a modular, steel structure that can be easily customized for different numbers of lanes and obstacles, depending on client preference and available space. There are more than 45 different obstacle options to choose from, with a wide variety of difficulty levels that can be tailored to the operator’s customer base. Course aesthetics can be enhanced with a variety of colors, including fluorescent paint, and custom branded padding.


may19 new products 02Virtual reality has been a hot category for consumers, and now it’s being adopted for project planning as well. Sunkid World’s 3D planning tool allows operators to experience a proposed project or installation in 3D and virtual reality before implementation. Interactive maps are customized to each project, to allow for a unique view of what an installation will look like before breaking ground. This can help save costs, offer a way to present projects to partners and investors, and provide guests an opportunity to view the experience in VR before arrival.


may19 new products 03Anywhere Tools is an innovative suite of new tech and tool modules, providing a clean, minimalist approach to an everyday carry (EDC) system for pocket-sized tools. As a stand-alone, fully-customizable EDC base, Anywhere Tools includes the all-new Pocket Clip that can accommodate Keyport’s newest modules, i.e., handy tools and gadgets: MOCA II 11-in-1 Multi-Tool, NEBA Knife, RuSH multipurpose tool, Pocket Flare mini-flashlight, and WeeLink Charger Cable. Constructed of a single piece of hardened steel, the Anywhere Pocket Clip allows modules to attach and detach in a snap, and can also be used as a money clip. The Anywhere Pocket Clip can stack multiple modules on a single clip and attach them to a wide range of items. The (optional) ParaPull is a paracord lanyard with a soft rubber grip and a 4mm aperture for attaching a mini-carabiner, keychain, or other loose items.


may19 new products 04With dormakaba’s mobile access solutions, hotels and resorts can issue and manage keys on mobile devices to access guest rooms equipped with dormakaba mobile-enabled RFID locks. All dormakaba RFID locks currently in use can be converted to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for mobile access applications, giving operators a flexible choice for guest entry options when the time is right to go mobile. dormakaba’s Blue Sky Access serves as an out-of-the-box, ready to use mobile access app that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. It integrates seamlessly with BLE enabled RFID locks and can be deployed across any property to create a simplified guest experience, while also streamlining hotel operations. Together, dormakaba’s mobile-enabled RFID locks paired with its Blue Sky Access app offer resorts a modern mobile access solution that guests will find convenient and easy to use.