January 2020

New Products :: January 2020

New tech, hot seats, and kids play.

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Connect&GO is a fully integrated operations management solution for mountain resort operators. Connect&GO provides an end-to-end RFID-based system that allows guests to connect the entire resort experience. The simple, wearable solution can be distributed from a self-serve dispenser, and offers ticketing and access control, POS and cashless payments, and experiential activations. In addition, this solution offers child-parent pairing, locker and door locks, emergency and allergy information, and tracks consumer behavior so that resort operators can target loyalty and points programming.


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Stayconcrete heated benches consist of bench-style seats plus a heated table and footing. The temperature is controlled and kept stable using a specially developed system that maintains an optimal temperature of roughly 95°F, with a max temperature of 113°F. The table is also cast with a recess for a stainless-steel inlay, which can include a QR code to direct the end customer to a website for events, conditions, promotions, or other important information. The foot area also serves as an illuminated advertising space.


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Merinio Dispatch is a workforce management system that automates scheduling-related communications. Operators can utilize the system to send automated calls and text messages to staff regarding upcoming shifts, including scheduling changes, shift exchanges, weather-related adjustments, etc., allowing operators to more easily manage staffing levels, no matter the weather.


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The Wood’N’Ball race from SunKid is an interactive children’s attraction. Participants purchase a wooden ball from a vending machine before rolling it down the fully customized course. The course, similar in style to a Rube Goldberg machine, can be customized in design, length, and elements to fit the site and operation. The balls can be custom branded with the operator’s logo and taken home as a souvenir.