September 2020

Publisher's Memo :: September 2020

Buckle up, Buttercup

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When I was young and things got tough, my mom would say, “Buckle up, buttercup.” She reminded me life doesn’t always come easy, a truism we are experiencing now. Most of us chose this industry because we have a special connection to the mountains, the snow, the community. That connection will be tested like never before this winter.

Our “Buckle Up” section (pp. 44-53) aims to help smooth some of those bumps as you navigate planning for this winter. While we don’t know exactly how it will all shake out, this collection of articles provides a step-by-step process to get your operations ready for new protocols and reimagines both F&B operations and communications with customers.

This section is part of a growing stable of resources you can draw from, and exemplifies the amazing network of industry people who are willing to share and support each other. We’ve seen all this during our SAM Huddles on Zoom. Listen to them on our podcast channel, PodSAM, if you want to catch up.
SAM is in the unique position of being connected to all of you through our Huddles, Headline News, print issues, and dozens of conversations each week. Through these diverse connections, our editors, Rick Kahl and Dave Meeker, have seen the importance of and difficulties in communicating with the media, customers, and community, and share insights and advice in News and Views (pp. 10-12). Hint: be courageous and transparent.


Here’s a shout-out to SAM’s newest team member, Cole Lelli. Among other things, he is overseeing your subscriptions. Cole grew up riding at Mt. Bachelor, Ore., until moving to Denver and exploring Colorado’s many resorts. He now resides in Austin, Texas. He is a people person, so he’d love to hear from you. Email him at
Cole is temporarily filling in for our talented teammate Sarah Borodaeff, who is on maternity leave. Daughter Neva Francis was born Aug. 10. If you have been keeping count, this is SAM’s third Pandemic Baby: Sarah Wojcik and Liz Mettler had babies earlier this year. These additions have given us some much-needed joy during a tough time.

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