September 2020

New Products :: September 2020

Innovations for the COVID-19 world and beyond.

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sep20 np aspenware

Resort e-commerce and software provider Aspenware has launched Arrival, a mobile-optimized online check-in platform integrated with RTP|ONE. It’s a similar concept to checking in 24 hours prior to a flight, which airline passengers are now programmed to do. Arrival captures required fulfillment information in advance rather than on-site—eliminating lines and touchpoints—so guests can go directly to their activity. Guests are led through a product-specific, step-by-step flow to upload photos, sign waivers, update child registration, or complete rental profiles. They are then sent QR codes for contactless media pickup at either an Axess Pickup Box or Skidata Skiosk.


sep20 np terra nova

Terra-Nova——maker of the ZipRider and ZipTour attractions—introduces the ZipWhipper, a new “automated competitive climbing experience” that combines a 50-foot climbing wall with a pendulum-swing free fall. The harnessed climber gets a set time to ascend the wall. If time runs out before topping, the climber is automatically pulled to the top of the tower and then is released into a pendulum free fall. All climbers are gently lowered to the ground after the experience. The “Whipper” part of the experience feels like a rock climbing “lead fall.” The patent-pending Swing Dampening System automatically “bumps” the trolley in and out along the track that extends perpendicular from the top to decrease each patron’s swing. Participants’ height, time, and speed can be loaded online to see how they stack up against other climbers. The entire experience takes 75 seconds, leading to high, predictable customer throughput. Up to 12 ZipWhippers can be installed on a single tower.


sep20 np north pole design

To meet the challenges COVID-19 and other viruses present in public spaces, TempDefend helps automate the manual process of accurately taking temperatures of guests and staff. TempDefend’s thermo-sensing functionality leverages a combination of camera technology, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors, and dynamic machine learning algorithms to aid in detecting persons with an elevated temperature, and thus helps prevent viral spread. It responds to voice commands and has video call and virtual receptionist features. TempDefend is a component of North Pole Design’s suite of Protection as a Service solutions.


sep20 np technoalpin

The TechnoAlpin TR10 fan gun was designed with a variety of new features aimed at maximizing output, efficiency, and user-friendliness. Its new nozzle valve system has individually controllable single valves, so each nozzle block on the nozzle ring is controlled by its own valve. Thanks to the intelligent valve circuit, the valves can replace each other in the event of a failure, so the required number of nozzles is always open. Nozzles are now emptied using compressed air, and excess water is integrated directly into the air jet and then converted into snow, increasing efficiency. The newly designed air cooler has a larger cooling surface, improving performance in marginal temperatures. All nucleators on the TR10 are equipped with two ruby inserts, making them more durable. To make maintenance easier, an adaptable automatic height-adjustment mechanism comes standard. The large touch display improves user-friendliness.


sep20 np 1Risk

1RISK’s new Workplace Management System (WMS), or learning management system, is a cloud-based software application designed to streamline staff training and on-boarding. WMS allows operations to develop, assign, and manage multiple training programs for their staff at the corporate, resort, department, and/or team level. The courses, programs, and quizzes can be customized, or 1RISK can help create specific training programs for any department. WMS can be used on a web browser, or the native mobile app can be installed on any mobile device from the iOS or Android Stores. This allows staff to train and learn at their own pace on their own devices without shared touchpoints.


sep20 np skida

Skida, a Vermont-based headwear and accessory company, has developed and produced a run of new Skida Cotton Face Masks available for bulk orders. This development was the result of cloth mask recommendations per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The 100-percent cotton masks are designed to be safe, comfortable, and "joy-provoking," according to the company. They come in 12 different limited-edition prints, such as mint forest, blue wave, and tie dye. Minimum of 30 masks per order.


sep20 np superior railing

Ready Railing from Ohio-based Superior Aluminum Products instantly creates temporary boundaries for resorts to delineate pop-up outdoor seating or dining areas, for example, and to help with social distancing. Suitable for indoor or outdoor environments, Ready Railing is made of durable, lightweight aluminum and will not rust or rot. The maintenance-free product comes pre-assembled and ready to use. It is available in multiple colors, shapes, and designs. Ready Railing can be paired with single or double bases, allowing for continuous runs of temporary barriers that can still be easily adjusted or removed, with added stability where it’s needed.


sep20 no alluvi

Aluvii is an easy-to-use, all-in-one enterprise software solution built for the amusement and ski industries. Ideal for small to midsize ski areas, the cloud-based platform offers a variety of functions, including mobile-friendly e-commerce, point of sale, food and beverage, rentals and lessons management, and more. It can manage reservations, session times, and capacity by product. With Aluvii’s customer portals, guests can sign waivers online, or even scan a QR code posted on-site to order food or buy tickets at any time. The company also provides self-serve kiosks to help streamline the rental process: guests can build a profile by entering their sizing information, and pay at the kiosk. The rental tech takes that info and assigns equipment via barcode, which also helps with the return process.