November 2020

New Products :: November 2020

A collection of products aimed at enhancing safety, comfort, convenience, and training.

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nov20 np sunkid

SunKid has developed a range of signage and products to help master the challenges resorts face this winter. From fun foam figures sending safety messages, such as “mask up” and “keep distance” to hand sanitization stations, all products can be designed according to specific resort requirements. Other products include COVID safety signage on custom fencing, rotating foam cubes, speed bars, snow snakes, foam and aluminum boards, and banners.


nov20 np prinoth

PRINOTH has launched PRINOTH ACADEMY, an “elite learning platform” for operators and service technicians. The program curriculum includes ISO certification, on-site courses, and e-learning. Participants can easily adapt the learning process according to their schedule and other requirements. The learning program is divided into three different levels: Basic, Advanced, and Expert. This allows operators and service technicians to find exactly the content that matches their current level of knowledge and, at the same time, offers the opportunity to gradually progress from one level to the next. After completion of practical and theoretical sections, the training ends with the participants receiving an official certificate.


nov20 np dragon seats

Dragon Seats, manufacturer and provider of heated and cooling sports and recreational benches, is installing heated benches at ski resorts this winter. The heated benches, which are similar to those used by NFL teams in cold weather, encourage patrons to remain outside in the current COVID-19 environment. The customized and portable benches are temperature controlled—they can reach 90°F and are designed to perform in the most extreme conditions. The benches provide a fully heated, ergonomic resting surface in addition to a system that blows a continuous stream of warmed air onto the occupant. A “Hot Hats” accessory offers a heating system that can keep helmets, hats, and gloves dry as well. Dragon Seats also plans to integrate Purell dispensers onto its heated benches.


nov20 np SafeQueue

Safe Queue is a free mobile web-app that helps coordinate entry into a business or pick-ups at places like retail stores, rental shops, or lodges so that guests do not need to wait in physical lines. Guests don’t need to log in, register, or download anything to use the app—they can access Safe Queue online via your website or scan a QR code. Once the app is opened, they simply tap “get in line” for the place they want to enter, and they’re placed in a virtual queue. The app uses guests’ GPS locations to know who is near the destination and only allows people within 1,000 feet (or your customized distance) to virtually get in line. Those in line receive instant status updates and audio notifications when it’s their turn. Businesses can manage how many people come into the establishment and when, and use the app to track them from initial join to eventual entry.


nov20 np rellevate

Rellevate has created an innovative digital banking service to support hourly workers. At no cost to employers (though they must enroll in the program), Rellevate offers employees a suite of financial services including “pay any day,” where employees can receive an advance for hours worked between paychecks; a VISA debit card; a bill pay program; checking with interest; and money transfers. For an account cost of $10 a month, an employee can receive up to four advances each month, with any amounts received deducted from his or her paycheck. In short, Rellevate can replace institutions that charge excessive fees, such as payday lenders, check cashers, credit card issuers, and money transmitters. This service helps resorts with recruiting and retention by making life easier and more affordable for hourly employees who are often living paycheck to paycheck.


nov20 np extremist

ExtremeMist’s remote controlled, 8-speed mist system puts resorts in control of the antimicrobial dispersion process. The portable, cordless, battery-powered system enables the user to spray areas while people are still on premise, and works with any EPA- and CDC-recommended sanitization solutions. Unlike mass-area sprayers, the system’s spray reach is limited to approximately 36 inches; traditional foggers allow solutions to linger in the air for much longer periods of time and to travel greater distances, and should only be used in vacated spaces. The PSS can be used to spray both small and large areas and treat 4,000 to 5,000 sq. ft. per hour, a greater capacity than traditional trigger-style spray bottles. It’s also lightweight, easy to operate, and comfortable to wear all day.