July 2021

New Products :: July 2021

Equipment, software, and technology that raise the bar for service.

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jul21 np technoalpin

TechnoAlpin has two new snowmaking solutions: The TL lance series and the TT10 fan gun. Each TL lance is outfitted with proprietary Smart Distributor technology to control its combination of nozzle rings, giving the TL8 eight snow production steps, the TL4 four steps, and the TL2 two steps. This multi-step design makes it possible to fine-tune water flow rate to maximize snow production in a wide range of temperature conditions. The guns feature nozzles with ceramic inserts, oil-free compressors, seamless filters, and nucleators with ruby inserts. TL lance heads are mounted on new TechnoAlpin-designed universal pipe. 

The TT10 fan gun offers the performance of the TR10 fan gun, but on a new tilting tower, providing ease of maintenance similar to that of a mobile fan gun. The machine components are built directly into the tower. Its electric switchboard is at eye level, and its water-air cooler is accessible from the ground. The tilting action of the tower makes the nozzle valve ring and motor accessible without a ladder. The TT10 can be configured to individual specifications without any restrictions.  www.technoalpin.com



jul21 np lumiplay

LumiPlay is a new cloud-based platform from Lumiplan that allows resorts to manage real-time information—such as lift, grooming, and parking status, wait times, weather conditions, and marketing content—from anywhere. LumiPlay software centralizes data that can then be delivered through dedicated API to a variety of channels, including digital signage, interactive trail maps, mobile apps, and a resort’s website. The new digital signage feature also allows users to create, schedule, and broadcast content to resort media, optimizing the real-time communication process for resort operations. 



jul21 np bike cab

The Doppelmayr Bike Cab simplifies bike loading and unloading on a gondola with a rotating bike rack. Using a combination of toothed belts and pulleys in the Cab floor and a toothed guide in the station, the assembly rotates about its own axis in the center of the cabin as the Bike Cab moves through the station. Bikes can be attached to the rack one by one. Bikers, who board in the following passenger cabin, can load and unload their own equipment, eliminating the need for additional station attendants. The Bike Cab carries eight bikes and was designed for Doppelmayr D-Line gondolas. Retrofit options for other Doppelmayr systems are planned for the future.  www.doppelmayr.com