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May 2017

New Products :: May 2017

Fun and practical innovations, from summer attractions to Stone Paper.

Written by Liz Mettler | 0 comment

We’ve rounded up a variety of new products that serve diverse functions for ski area operators. From revenue generating attractions and management and marketing tools to practical applications, all could be of interest to ski areas large and small.


np medic52

Medic52 helps with management and compliance demands on a mountain’s ski patrol. The web- and smartphone-based systems offer incident reporting and detailed analysis of incidents through trends and patterns. Other functions include stock management of medical drugs, rostering, training, asset management, and internal communication. The web-based dispatch system is designed for a patrol dispatcher to have control over all incident-response at the resort, visibility of the patrollers available, and the resources at their disposal. And the smart phone app allows patrollers to collect critical data about an incident on-scene, which feeds back to the dispatch and reporting system as it is entered. Medic52 technology is customized to the needs of each resort in order to meet the logistical and legal challenges of the area.


np liftdigital

Alpine Media Technology presents LiftDigital—a digital media system for chairlifts and gondolas. It enables ski resorts to engage with customers, promote safety, and provide a range of information services, including trail maps with real-time GPS; real-time lift line and trail status updates; grooming reports; weather and traffic updates; safety messaging in collaboration with NSAA; emergency broadcasts from ski patrol; local amenities; and much more—at no cost. LiftDigital can be installed on most existing detachable chairs and gondolas. Installation of LiftDigital even provides the potential to reduce resorts’ liability insurance premiums. It will launch in 2017-18 at resorts in Colorado.


np stone paper 1

np stone paper 2Stone Paper is a new paper product made from stone, not trees. It is comprised of calcium carbonate, or CaCO3, recycled concrete, and a non-toxic, recyclable, photodegradable HDPE resin to create environmentally friendly paper that requires no trees or water to produce. The manufacturing process produces zero air or water pollution, and requires no harmful acids, dyes, or bleaches. The carbon footprint for Stone Paper is 67 percent less than regular pulp paper. It can be recycled in either the paper recycling stream or the category 2 HDPE recycling stream. Why is it a “new product” in SAM? Because Stone Paper is waterproof and tear resistant, making it perfectly suited for resort trail maps, as well as resort dining menus. Its cost is comparable to paper made of 40-50 percent recycled content, but Stone Paper has a much longer lifespan.


np bunk beds

ESS Universal manufactures heavy-duty bunk beds and mattresses for adults. These beds are ideal for employee housing, camps, dorms, and more. The welded rectangular tubing structure is rated to hold up to 500 pounds. The high-density foam mattress has a polyurethane, waterproof, “satin-feel” cover with a three-sided zipper for easy removal and can be machine washed. Different configurations include single-over-single bunk beds, single-over-double, single-over-queen, and triple bunk beds. Accessories for ski resort housing can include under-bed storage lockers and utility panels that provide a light and charging station for tablets and smartphones.


np skishoes

Trackers Skishoes are a combination cross-country ski and snowshoe. They can grip the snow like a snowshoe, but also glide like a ski. In normal mode, you kick-and-glide like you would with cross-country skis on normal snow surfaces, and step like you would with snowshoes on treacherous terrain. Trackers’ technology allows skiers to climb uphill easier and faster and ski a broader range of conditions than with conventional cross-country skis. You can glide downhill, too, but at a slower, more controllable speed. The concept allows snowshoers to add a gliding component to their sport, and increase their normal speed. Skishoes are also great for beginners because they’re easy to use. The key is the aluminum tracking fins that run lengthwise along the bottom, acting like sliding crampons. They give fore-and-aft traction for climbing on snow and ice when you step, and they slide through snow when you glide forward.


np pillow jump

Modular high-ropes course builder KristallTurm is offering a new thrill attraction: The Pillow Jump. Participants can now experience what it’s like to be a stuntman, jumping from different heights into an air bag without safety equipment. It is available in two versions: The BigAirBag Adventure allows jumps from the first and second levels of a KristallTurm high-ropes structure. The BigAirBag Revolution makes it possible to jump from the second and third levels, at a height of nearly 40 feet. To access it, a guide takes small groups of guests—all secured by a harness and a continuous safety system—to the jumping platform. On the platform, the harness is released from the safety system and the guest decides when to jump.


np triphero luggage

TripHero luggage delivery service is the convenient alternative to checking ski or board bags. Its SkiPod is designed to securely transport one person’s set of ski equipment from his or her doorstep to the resort destination and back again. The SkiPod holds one set of skis or one snowboard, poles, boots and some soft goods, such as a jacket and ski pants. TripHero will also store, clean, tune, and deliver its customer’s equipment so it arrives ready to take on the mountain.


np giant swing

Spectrum Rides introduces the Alpine Swing, a brand new product in its lineup. The ride accommodates four riders and comes in two sizes: four or six stories tall, and can swing riders a distance of up to 120 feet. For rider security, it has electronic locking shoulder restraints and manual lap belts. It only requires one staff to operate it, and it has a throughput of more than 400 riders a day. It can also operate in any weather, making it a year-round attraction.