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July 2018

New Products :: July 2018

Software and soft-mat innovations for the resort business.

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jul18 new products arenaArena Snow Height Measurement slope maintenance software from PowerGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) program for snow-depth mapping designed to assist with slope preparation, construction, clearing, and maintenance. The system can be installed in any type of grooming machine and offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of technical implementation. The on-board computer displays real-time snow-depth data, allowing the operator to make informed decisions. The scalable, web-based Arena Management Platform allows for the compilation, display, and analysis of measured snow height data. The system allows for data-supported planning and resource management, which can impact operator efficiency and reduce costs.


jul18 new products aluviiAluvii is a cloud-based management system for amusement and leisure businesses. The all-in-one point-of-sale software offers solutions from ticketing and admissions to access control, e-commerce, and staff management, in addition to extensive reporting features. Designed for ski areas, adventure parks, family entertainment centers, and other types of recreational operations, Aluvii can be used across multiple locations and continues operating when internet services are down, automatically re-syncing data when the connection is re-established.


jul18 new products sigmaSigma collects and stores credentials and achievements in an easy-to-access digital space. Working with organizations such as the United States Parachute Association, Sigma digitizes licenses, ratings, awards, membership cards, and certifications that have historically been issued on paper. A free service, Sigma is accessible via a web dashboard or an iOS or Android app. Organizations and individuals can access, upload, update, and verify achievements or credentials and are guaranteed access to the most up-to-date versions of the credentials they’ve received in professional or leisure activities.


jul18 new products learning matThe Ski School Learning Mat from KinderLift is designed to introduce young skiers to the stances and movements needed on hill. The mat provides visual learning cues for movements such as sidestepping up a hill, sliding skis in a straight line, herringbone or “duck walk” steps up a hill, downhill parallel to pizza to teach “stop” and “go,” and more. The mats are made from a poly mesh fabric and have Velcro on one side to hold them in place on carpets. The mats also come with snow stakes for outside use. “The learning mat has worked great for us indoors on the carpet … to show the little ones how to position their skis before they go out on the snow,” says Steamboat’s kid’s vacation center manager, Lenny McNeill. The mats can be customized with logos, colors, and mascots.

5. M.O.M.

jul18 new products m.o.mDo you know where your capital equipment is? North Pole Design has developed a cloud-based operations system to document where key assets are located around the mountain. Mountain Operations Maps (M.O.M.s) offers an interactive mapping tool that helps mountain managers create and maintain a living master plan that tracks resort infrastructure, such as snowmaking, electrical, water & sewer, and more. It also maps land management information, such as winter and summer trail locations, topography, ownership lines, and more. The cloud-based system provides access to the intuitive interface wherever you are, and allows for the quick design and printing of maps needed for any project.